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Out From Roseville Thurs 6th


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Launched at Roseville about 5.30am, it was already light.


Tried trolling and squidding Dobryd, and trolling Nth head but the swell was a bit big so went out to the gravel off DY. Could have done with a few live yellowtail or a bit of squid or fish bait as the pickers were a bit active but caught a few before coming in at 10.30am.


The biggest flathead went 54cm and the smallest 37cm.

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Hey Saltrix,

Nice catch - good feed there.

Wanted to ask - whats the fish with the red stripe - never seen one before?



Yes Nanook is correct, it is a Maori wrasse, they are good eating bit need to be pretty big to be worth keeping. They have nice firm white flesh but throw them back under about 30cm.

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