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Jbgfc White Sands..


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So how did everyone go one the weekend..?

Herd the weather was pretty shit on fri and sat,

I fished on sun day but not in the comp we trolled out side for a few hours

it was rough goin without a single hit we called it quits and headed for drum n drums

Herd a few boats on the raido had hooked up! One boat had been fighting a fin for

20 min with an estimated 300m of line off the reel and still going..!

I belive a 300kg plus shark was weighed in, and the boys on Shotgun managed

to land a 150 plus mako on sun..! Nice effort in the conditions!

Our day consisted of flathead and trevally double hook ups everytime..! :thumbup:

Then after an hour out so the yaccas at the back of the boat took off

being chased by some big kingies..!! Our livies went nuts and within the space

of 15 min we had landed a kingie each! 3 in total! :yahoo:

Best part was i was holdin my rod the whole time..

Felt the first hit, Then wam bam thank you mam! reel started screeming!

Set the drag, set the hook and proudly announce that im on to a King!! :biggrin2:

What a day! I will Never forget it..

P.s How many dollars worth of boats were sitting in

husky creek at 5:30 sunday morning.. Amazing sight! Boys and there Toys! :074:

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i fished thursday but had to head for home saturday for a compulsory work function. we didnt turn a reel but there were some great fish caught including a 97kg stripie by a lady angler. top effort in the crappy sloppy conditions out wide.

some tuna and albacore were caught as well as some nice makos.

all in all a good time down the coast and quite a few brews sunk at the huski pub.

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Bet your sweet billy adams there was!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blondes if i remember correctly. :biggrin2:


plenty of blondes consumed mate with a few schooies of reschs mixed in.

Congrats on the YFT too by the way. Hopefully the next tournie i fish will have better weather conditions.



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We left Como Marina at 2.00am on Friday and smacked into a solid southerly. After a full days fishing our score was all doughnuts..... So much for dedication...

Saturday saw worse conditions and we pulled the hook at 10.00am and gave the slimies a workout with the dzen other boats in the lee of the storm. A tally of doughnuts again... and I am starting to put on weight from the excess consumption of the buggers.

Sundy dawned with a thumpng southerly still blowing but we braved the conditions and were rewarded with a glass off at around 11.00. The renewed conditions brought the fish on and we managed a couple of small fin from a school we spotted "VERY" wide of canyons.

While battling these smallish fin, we had a purple zuker smashed from the long rigger on 15, after an hour we had most of the line back on the tiagra and were greeted by what we estimated to be 70+kg of the most beautful fin you could imagine. After two days of zeros i was thinking erotic thoughts of what I would do to it when boated....

There was a call from the flybridge..... "MAKO".... We chucked fish frames at the bugger to try to keep it away from the fin, one with a hook and wire because we thought a hooked mako would not be hungry... The angler backed the drag off only to have 700+m ripped from the spool and the mako follow it to the depths.

You guessed it, sharked.... Th angler thought we still had a head to show off given the weight still present. However the fuller the spool became, the more we realised there would be nothing to show. When we had all the line back, all there was to show was a cleanly cut leader.

This gives some idea to the size of the make when you can lose so mush fish in one bite.

Anyway, thats fishin.....

A big crongrats must go out to the JBGFC and the Huski Pub and RSL for their hospitality. If anyone has thought of fishing this comp then take my advise and do so next year. The suth coast hospitality was first class and the sponsors certainly came to the party. I for one will be back.

Thanks all and hopefully next year will bring better conditions.


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Thought we'd hit the area after the storm of the competition boats and headed down monday for a tuesday & wednesday session. Unfortunately due to a food poisoning hickup, the 4am wake up tuesday was followed by a 4.01 cancelling of the trip! When we woke (about 11) we found that it was blowing a gale and that the one other boat we knew of that had gone out didn't get anything, so bed was the good option.

Illness still hanging around but the though of having to go back to work thursday looming wednesday had to be the day to go out. Hit the water about 4.45 and headed around to penguin head for the quickest and easiest livey session in history and finally things were looking up.

Shot straight out to the banks and got a hit on the first down of the new jig. Knew it was nothing spectacular but was very surprised with the size of the slimey that came up. it was massive.

spent about an 3 hours at the banks using livies, cut up slimies, jigs and prawns for a nice 40cm reddie, plenty of sweep and a heap more slimies.

With only the reddie to show for our efforts headed out to the block and cheese and found nothing but pesky leather jackets so returned to the banks.

Still nothing but throwback crap. No kings to be seen.

Very disappointing.

Found a school of salmon just off the boat ramp on the way back in going absolutely bizerk on the surface and had a bit of fun throwing SP's at them on the 2kg gear. Only highlight of the 3 days!

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