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Late Report Of Northern Beaches Off Rocks


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hi all, sorry for late report (been overseas)

took my cousin and 2 mates out for his first time 'proper' fishing and as he's been really keen on catching a 'BIG FISH'

expectations were high, but i told him that the #1 rule of thumb for fishing is (for me anyway)

don't go fishing expecting to catch fish, if you catch something its a bonus!

we arrived at around 4pm and went for a swim not really caring about the fishing yet, it was a scorcer of a day (if anyone remembers boxing day) then as the sun was about to set (7pm) we rigged up the rods and were bottom bashing.

we had 1 whole block of fresh pillies and our target was anything 'big' according to my cus

JUST as the sun set 8pm, one of the rods buckles over and im greeted with something solid on the other end, about 2minutes of tug-o-war i reel up a beaut of a trevally!! she went on the brag mat @ 50cm MY PB! (thanks santa)

it was then, my cus, not ever seeing a fish this big in his entire life was converted.

as the night went on we kept getting hits after hits, but i had 3 amateurs with me and they kept losing the fish to the reefs below.

so once i took over, we kept landing the fish, i caught 2 breams one 33 and another which is now my new PB - she went 38cms!!!!! man do bream of beaches fight or what!

my cus, getting frustrated that he wasnt landing anything, came over to where i was standing and i told him once this rod gets hit ill let him reel it up and coach him..

so as the glow sticks started to flick, flick, flick then BAMMMM she went down and i told him to HIT! and now pump and wind and pump and wind, adrenalin rushing everywhere, im screaming go go go lol and just as the fish is near the rocks suddenly he stops reeling and looks at me going "is it stuck?" and i screamed, NO! JUST KEEP REELING Lol!

we were laughing our assess off while this noob was reeling in such an unco way, but finally he lifts up the rod and we were met with a 48cm model trevally!!! my cousins FIRST EVER FISH!. i dunno how big ur first ever fish was but to him this is a DREAM fish lol and the fight on that fish definitely sparked something in his heart and now he wants to go fishing every time! haha.

it was a hectic night, cause after the sun went down it was so cool.. we were fishing in boxer shorts and it werent feeling the cold at all.

at the end of the night everyone caught a fish, we came home with so much more weight to carry from all the fish and of course we converted my cousin lol, our catches below;

38 bream PB

33 bream

50 trevally PB

47 trevally

38 trevally

110 shovel nose shark

90 ray/shark/ whatever they're called

30 small ray

35 tailor

31 yellowtail

anyways enjoy the photos







oh yeah forgot to add this photo, the next day i gave 2 bream to my sister to cook and this is what she made.

fish sauce + newspaper + fish we catch = yes i know im asian Lol


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mate you need to some thing about the foot wear, thongs and rock fishing do not mix. I hate to have a raider come unstuck and end up in the news for the wrong reasons, invest in some kletes and put them on a sturdy pair of sandals. The rocks around sydney are mostly sandstone and very slippery and needed to be treated with respect.

cheers chris :biggrin2:

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