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Lost My Mojo To The Tourists


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Hi all

Over the last couple of weeks, we've had visitors but I still managed to sneak out in the yak a few times (made sure at least one of the visitors was with me for 'fun' ..... except for yesterday when I was on my own!)

I seriously thought I'd forgotten how to catch fish! The last one I caught was at the Keys, fishing a buddy's favourite spot ...... & when I revisited it during the day some time later, I got ZIP & then went with brother Sails at 6am for another ZIP (tho we did get some chasing poppers but didn't hook up :1badmood: ) We even resorted to bread to try for mullet (which were jumping & breaking the surface all around us) and still couldn't hook up! :mad3:

Maybe you concentrate better on your own ...... I couldn't catch a cold when anyone else was out with me, but, on my own yesterday, I got 4 nice flatties to 48cm! :) I only had one hit by a whiting but he missed :( and didn't see a bream all day! I was out for some 5-6hrs. The wind came up big time in the mid pm which was very annoying unless making a cast with it on your back ...... otherwise the 3lb stren was floating all over the leases, getting caught on oysters & wire ties!


I dropped a couple of big ones & put back 5 'just legals or just under' flatties ..... so at least had regular hits.

My Niece Claire, caught a PB flattie of 40cm, so that was great! :)

Now that our visitors have gone home & most of the visitors to Forster should also be leaving soon ....... hopefully, we'll have our lake back to ourselves!!!

The other day, I'd been fishing the sand flats for hours (with my brother Sails & his family) when a young bloke chucked out a lobby & scored a lovely 60cm flattie on his first cast! :ranting2: Not fair!!


She was photographed & put back!



Christine brought up some Smoked Aussie Salmon (cooked whole) & we made my Fish Pie using it instead of my usual smoked Blackfish & it was an instant success! Very tasty, so next time i catch a salmon, I'll smoke it too!!

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Good session Roberta :thumbup: I'll bet the fish come on bigtime after the holiday makers have gone :yahoo: I hope you enjoy the smoked Salmon... We've long given up on Salmon at my place although they are said to be ok on the tooth when disguised for cooking purposes but it appears in some cases the gums have had to come out. :D


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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well done roberta!

I am a gluten for punishment and went fishing on monday night after spending saturday night sleeping in the boat for an early start sunday at the kingie social, the idea was to catch a jew at brooklyn - you know what the say about well laid plans- anyway ended up with 2 nice lizards about 45 and 50cm and a just keeper bream, dropped the biggest flathead at the boat! Doh! probably around 60cm and 2 others that ididnt see but felt reasonable, that was in amongst the eels more eels and catfish and more catfish!!!

hope to get up your way some time in feb! see you soon.


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Hey Roberta

I understand what you're saying. Whilst my family was here, I caught a lot less fish, as I was always netting their fish for them, tying knots, replacing lures and generally playing 'host' (all of which I was very happy to do!!) That said, the number of terrorists on the lake made for tougher fishing conditions as well. :(

Good to read that your mojo returned pronto ... that's a lovely bag of flatties you ended up with. The photo of the flattie in the shallows is terrific! I notice it has been a while since you have pursued your beloved blackies? Hard to think of anything else when the surface fishing is in its prime, isn't it? :biggrin2:



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Thanks guys

Good to see you got a good feed tho, Pete, even tho the jewies didn't come out to play ...... do you think they recognise your boat???

Byron - I was amazed at how nice the salmon was. I used to buy them butterflied & smoked in NZ & they were terririf, but they usually did smaller fish. Our fish are generally a lot bigger over here & thicker! Normally I gave them to the neighbour for his cat, or put them back! Not now! :)

Ian - just as you said - less fish caught than normal! I find I do concentrate more on my own, but I also enjoy having some company when yakking, too (which is not often!) With the ABT Yak Fishing comp up here in March, I need all the practise I can get on bream & whiting on sp/lure! The ones I've caught recently have been more 'good luck' than 'good planning'! :wacko: The blackies may be on the back burner for a couple of months! :1prop:

oh yeah - plus I just love getting those surface strikes, even if they do miss! :(



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