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Sunday Bass Bash


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Yesterday Afternoon called for a afternoon Bass flick into the hills of the upper tributary systems of the Shoalhaven. After parking the car and getting set i started the walk up river to a well known fish holding stretch of water i have pulled bass from many a times. I was experimenting with lures but little did i know that a lure i really dislike would catch all of my fish yesterday afternoon. Its a frog plastic a mate from the barra supertank gave me a while back. Its got a single 1/0 hook and a feel of a real frog.

Cast after cast the Bass were loving this frog i had fish launching them selves at the frog. I watched amazed as one Bass bow waved from the bank about 3m out to the middle of the pond to open his gob on the way to swallow le kermit.

It was awsome!!



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Nice looking bass there, Cam!! :1yikes: I think, since the Squidgy Boof Frog was shown on the ABT at Awoonga, everyone will be adding them or yours to their collection asap!

I have the small & large one in the darker green colour ..... not sure if I'd seen that coloured one before!

Hmmmm must find out where I put mine! ....... in the bedroom drawer, I think! :wacko: I know I've never used it yet! Might be worth taking to Glenbawn next time I am there :0

Keep catchin' em! :thumbup:



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