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Fun With Salmon !


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Headed up the coast this morning with Lizard_1 and dad hoping for some bonito or kingy action off the rocks well it didnt happened and we moved to into a corner of a beach which was full of mullet and some predators..through out some pillies and came up with the goods..well i didnt but ther other where..My tactics where lures but to no avail..did hook up to a rather large long tom i think..

Pic does not do this fish justice was very well fed and long..



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Guest Jocool

Good going mate. Sambos are always fun!

Your dads rod looks like it may be an old Split Cane rod...Is it???

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Good on ya Trouble. nice fisheees and good pics. :thumbup: Beaut spot from the looks of it as well. I do enjoy beach fishing even though I do it mostly from a boat now just cause I can. How far up the cosat were you?

Wombat :risata:

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Yeah preety sure it is Joe..it is a preety old rod as his dad passed it on which has now probably caught over 50 salmon between them on it..

Dad called his for a jew, so i was running like hell to get over there..bit of an anitclimax in the end but arwell :05: ..

Hey wombat about an 1 and half hours from hornsby going about 110km.. :1prop:

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May not of been a productive day as we wanted but still fun none the less! That was my very first salmon and boy was it fun bringin that one in! to top an awesome day off was the feed on the way home at mooney workers club! thanx robbo for taking me on one of ur adventures once again! Also good to have a fish again its been a longtime.

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  • 2 years later...

Thanks Trouble, hope Sambo would show up at Maroubra Beach some day...

I was using size8 rod & 20lb string + size 4 hook with running sinker rig, no luck so far apart from a 0.5kg bream (about 2 mo ago)

had not even a single bite ever since...

would be great to have some tips on beach/rock fishing in terms of Bait, Rig, timing and spot....

thanks in adv.

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