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First Ever Beach Jew Wooooohooooooo


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Hey Fellas

Firstly I'd like to say a HUGE thanks to both Stewy and Dan to take us fishing and get my first beach jew.

I'd also like to thank Grant for the help he gave me.

Anyway left school a 1 to go home get my stuff ready and head off to the spot. Hit the beach and conditions where great little bit of swell bit of colour in the water and just a bit of wind.

Started fishing for livies and started off slow but in the end caught some yakkas plus tailor, boy there was a F*****g hugeeeeeeeeee yakka stewy caught, jeess it was thick.

Just as the sun started to set we put out some livies in hope for the elusive jew. But as we found out there was some mc massive pieces of weed hanging about. So we change from livies to dead baits.

And after just after sunset.... whack zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dan rod hooks up set the hooks and hand it over for me to play out ( a kind bit of generosity) 5 mins later got my first decent jew and as plus first jew from the beach.




Woooohhhhhhhhhhhooooooo :yahoo::thumbup:

Dan runs down gills the fish and brings it up.

What an awesome 13th birthday and one I will never forget.

Two hours late and huge clumps of weed left on the beach we left for home.

Just to rub it in a bit we called johno and gave him a bit of stick then to founder of the beach Grant ahhhh even more pissed of was he hahaha :thumbup: .

Dan and stewy what a tops session mate and one I will never forget.



P.S Dan when you read this go and get some longer pants mate for Christ sake.

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Some of you may know young Steve and some should get to know him.

This young bloke is as keen as mustard and he acts years above his young age of 13 :thumbup:

It was a pleasure taking you fishing with us Steve and both Dan and I are stoked you had a good time.

We stopped off at Maccas on the way home for a well deserved feed and some coffee and hot choclate.

Well done mate and :1happybday: for today.

Cheers Stewy

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Good on ya mate :thumbup:

Hope you enjoyed yourself, and by the grin on your face, i think you did :1prop:

The way you played that Jew, anyone would swear you'd been doin it for years. ausome job :yahoo:

Happy birthday mate, but remember, If you keep takin the piss out of my pants, you won't make 14 :mad3:


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Well done Kirks. :thumbup: Gee the news travelled fast, I got the news from the near 500 miles away, just after you landed the jew. I put two and two together and thought you and Stewy had jumped a plane and joined Dan who I thought was still travelling and camping up there. I had no idea that Jewhunter put you onto one of his spots down here.

You'll be able to walk the walk now Kirks as well as talk the talk. Don't listen to too many people, forget about blue horizons and marlin and tuna for a while, you can have just as much fun landbased if not more, and just be guided by your Fishraider friends, particularly Grant, Stewy and Dan :thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Fantastic effort mate, and a birthday gift you will remember for an eternity :yahoo:

A very healthy dose of good karma must be heading your way, Dan and Stewy ;) Well done fellas. I reckon you found the whole event just as rewarding!



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Well done man, I probably wouldn't have been able to hold on to the rod :biggrin2: Happy birthday, im turning 13 in march, maybe we can organise to go fishing together.

ive never even had a jewie on my rod, maybe you could teach me :1prop:



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Super effort young fella.

I think I was on the same stretch of sand as you last night (if I read grant's cryptic clues right). Had livies out too for nothing but a poor small shovelnose who took the yakka and ended up with an 8/0 in his eye.

Well done

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