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Close Call


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Myself and 2 fellow raiders were out on middle harbour on Saturday afternoon...

Happily anchored up in my 4 metre, shallow hull tinnie :1fishing1: off the moorings on the left as you approach the spit bridge... all was bliss until I look up to see some idiot in about a 6 metre offshore rig 50 metres away heading straight towards us!!!

40 metres...

30 metres...

... still no deviation in his course

... it became pretty clear, he hadn't seen us, or wasn't looking!!! :ranting2:

All three of us start screaming at the top of our lungs and waving our hands in the air, making as much racket as we could! But he's too busy staring up at all the houses along the Seaforth foreshore... watch where you're ****** going!!! in front of you fool!!!

15 metres ...

His mate, who was fishing in the back, heard the screams, turns around to see us in complete panic

7 metres .... skipper finally reacts with a hard right (about bloody time! :ranting2: )

3 metres.. looks like he's moved off course just enough to maybe clip the back of the boat ...

At this point I had no choice but to scream all sorts of abuse at him :ranting2:

... not even an apology... Nice one skipper!!! Dickhead!

At least his mate acknowledged the fact and and managed a humble sorry..

In the end we were very lucky ... literally 10cm shy of becoming another Sydney Harbour statistic... and big splash of water in the tinnie...

very very lucky...

To all the skippers out there.. please watch where you're going!!!

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When will they learn. Dont some people realise that stearing a boat is like driving a car, you have to be alert to all your surroundings at all times, not looking at the pretty scenery. Its only common sense.

Im glad that fortunately you guys did not become another statistic of the Harbour, and that you are able to get out and do some more of what you like best.......FISHING.............


Mrs Flightmanager

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I don''t get it . You were on the left and he should have been on the right hand side of the channel and that is a no wash 8 knot zone so how fast was he going?.

Lucky and can't believe he didn't stop - that sucks

Police and Maritime are constantly moving boats anchored around there close to the bridge due to the traffic. In a smaller boat we anchor between the moorings so they offer the protection where we can. We all should have a sound trumpet on board - did you have one as waving hands and voices make little difference when people can't hear over engine noise.

Glad you are Ok but not a good situation and I would have had more than a few choice words to say

I really wonder if teh bloke knows what he has done wrong

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You are one lucky person. Some people shouldn't be allowed to own or drive a boat. These people just don't realise that you are operating a vessel which can kill or seriously hurt someone. It's not like a car, you can slam on the brake. Shuuting off a motor doesn't stop the boat instantly. Glad you came out of this experience ok.

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We were anchored about 5 metres off the moorings... but weren't in the channel so to speak...

Pelican, I don;t think it's an 8kt zone where we were, still a a short motor away from the bridge...

We were almost directly opposite Clive park, but on the seaforth side, near the point...

He had no reason to be going the speed he was going or really to be so close to the side..

:mad3: mongrel didn't stop... was almost like he didn't care...

We were all just about to jump off the boat, that's how close he got, and looked like he wasn't going to swerve or turn in time...

Very lucky in the end :biggrin2:

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Gday Mate,

thankfully you servived the ordeal

Why dont you buy a pocket airhorn. They are only about $20. I always keep one close at hand when out on the water just incase.

I do believe that you are required to carry a signalling device, suck as an air horn for situation just like that one.

Better to spend $20 on a horn and never use it, than not have one and have to go to you own funeral due to some idoit not keeping a proper lookout when on the water.

I have used mine a couple of times when I have been unsure that the approaching boat has seen me. I also used it to stop a boatie from running into Rod island in Iron Cove. He had the motor engaged but was too busy tending to his rods out the back of the boat to notice the islad approaching. Shouting at him did nothing but alsmost Sh-t himself when he heard the airhorn. It got his attention.



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glad to hear alls ok in the end...

sounds like it was a pretty scary thing to go through....

as for horns... i have a 12v one hardwired that cost about $24 and an push button on the dash..

i also have a mini gas one that was about $12 or so as backup if batteries are dead..

ive only used it once to alert a guy in a floating gin palace to watch where he was going as i was able to move but anyone at anchor or not see him coming in time woulda been in trouble...

theres a good reason the waterways/cops are harassing everyone and this is a good example..

too many idiots dont give the water and those using it the respect needed to have a safe time out....

keep it safe out there guys... prob a good idea to get rego # if possible as waterway will give them a talking to if needed...


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Air horn not a bad idea... :thumbup: will take that on board (... no pun intended :biggrin2: )

I keep a whistle in the glove box.. but in the quick panic that it was.. it was the furthest thing from my mind...

over 200 views on this post... top stuff!!!

As long as everyone who's read this walks away taking their responsibility on the water seriously.. it was well worth a post..

.. and I got to rant! :ranting2:

Happy fishing all!

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We have whistle / fog horn attached to motor stop lanyard so it is always next to the helm and we can get hold of it fast. I don't like the air in a can pressure ones as you can't tell if they are full and they rust. The mouth ones put out plenty of noise and are smaller. Since having it there we have used it more than we ever thought we would.

The no wash zone starts between the headlands as you head towards the spit so you may have been just outside of that but still n excuse as lots of kayakers and kids dinghy sailing around there.

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OMG!! TMAF - so glad he avoided a collision ..... finally!!

....I am now officially banned from using the F word!...... I bet the F word was coming into play there a bit!!

I even have a 'mouth blow' fog horn in my yak for dickheads that do that to us, but during the yak comp the other day, one nearly bowled me over with his wash - and this was an ocean going game boat!! No effort to slow down or take a wide berth ...... and I forgot to blow it!! :wacko: Too busy watching him get closer & screaming at him, like you guys did!!

So glad all is well!!



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Have been hit by a boat bigger than that one you mentioned. My brother and I were in a hired boat off Tom Uglys Bridge on the Georges many years ago. We lost all our gear and the hire boat was cut in half and sank to the bottom.

We were both very lucky to escape unhurt. Sure was an ugly expierience.

Cheers BART. :1fishing1:

Edited by bart
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glad you blokes were all good.....hope you got boat details of the ****head

nothing worse then sitting at anchor and watching a tennis match defeats the purpose

and the skipper really does need a wake up call for himself and OTHERS!

stay safe raiders!


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