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Davistown Late Arvo Session

Ray R

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G'day Raiders, I went for an end of weekend fish at a great little wharf at Davistown this arvo, I took some salted bonnie and a light rigged set-up and cast some morsels out into the channel and let it run down with the tide, there were some nice lttle bream there to keep me amused they ranged between 23-28 cms, they were all released , then I got onto a much better fish and he gave quite a tussel, I eventually got him in and he was 35cm on the richter scale so this one was kept.

I also saw some surface action around near the moored boats and this happened on a few occasions, a small spray of some little things trying to escape a predator of some kind, this might be a good spot to drag a little surface popper through, I didn't have any with me but I will be taking a couple next time I go there.

So that was my arvo , I caught another nice bream for Karen(Mrs RayR), and took a couple of nice pics too,

and got home before the mozzies..

Cheers Raiders..





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Nice pics & fantastic looking bream, Ray! You sure you weren't at Forster? Looks like 'our territory'!

Well done


There will be blackies on every pole, for sure! :)

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nice fish, what happend to the old trawler that used to be there? there was lots of bream under it :biggrin2:

Hi austral , that old trawler has been gone for about a year or so I think, I like the replacement, much nicer in the pics..


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