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Nausia Middle Harbour


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Went out to middle harbour with Don (Donital) a mate of mine and a raider as well.We got there at about 4.30ish and started burlying heavy.It was not long and the action started with lots of throw backs but while Don is rigging up the rod in the holder buckles and Don grabs it and hands it to me.I land my very first Kingie on a pillie.I now apreciate it when I read about raiders who have tired arms after a battle with one of these magnificient fighters.Eventhough it was undersize and went back it was all new to me and heaps of fun.

Not having see legs I was on my feet all the time and after about 3 hours I had no choice but to berley the water with my special mix.We continued to fish as I felt fine after that and these are the keepers after loosing a few and me being reefed by something decent.(your guess is as good as mine)Never saw any colour at all nor did I get any line back on it.

Cheers again Don and I remember now why I do not have a boat or beg raiders for a spot on theirs. :wacko:

P.S. I have no idea where we were and what the stats of the fish were but you can judge for yourselves.



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Thanks for the reply BillyD.

At least someone still "loves" me on this site to sacrifice a few minutes for a reply :tease:

I can only afford the magic burley once a year. :1prop:

Guess who will be venturing out next week again with his see legs?

A mate of mine is planning to hire a boat and give the smoother waters of the Hawksbury river a go.

I guess I just DON'T LEARN do I?

Cheers Clem

Thought I could keep my post on top by doing this.


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Hi Clem,

I also take a table of KWELL sick sed tablets every time I go go out as a prevention and work pretty good, on the off occassion I didn't take any I did feel a little seedy, unless you going off shore in a storm you should be fine with the KWELL's there is also travel claim whish doesn't work for me. There is nothing worse then getting sea sickness.

Just pop into you chemist and ask them to help you out there is a few different types on the market just get the one that best suit you.

Just make sure if you do get KWELL have plenty of water as it get you pretty dry.



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mate you can get these armbands with a bead that sits inbetween the tendons of your wrist,

they work well on a serial seasickness mate of mine, he never feels sick when he wears them,placebo or actually work im not sure.

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Just a quick reply to all who have responded as we seem to be venturing off the actual topic/section on the sight called Fishing Reports :wacko:

Yes I did have travacalm tablets with me and was using them.I even went to the extreme of having ginger biscuits as well.

Will look into the KWELL story as well.Will look at the chemist and if I am wrong I can always put up another post in the chat section.

The funny thing about all of this is that while reading the replies my :wife: walks by and has a quick look and sarcasticly says to me.


YES she actually does.I guess she just loves seeing me suffer.

Cheers raiders and I can't wait for my next adventure.

P.S. Don the green look you are refering to is right after you made me fly AIRBORN over the waves and land dangerously on my

"NUMBNUTS" :mad3:

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nice feed there boys sounds like u all had fun .

sea sick tablets i use r TRAVELCALM in the bluebox there the only ones that dont make me tired for the drive home

cheers john

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