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L-plater On Jewfish


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just learning the craft of targeting jewfish went out on friday

night to land some squid then hopefully land a jewy..... :1fishing1:

having known a spot where the squid hide tried my new jig

when i arrived found a group of drunkn lads that was tellin me to

get of their wharf :thumbdown: not wanting trouble left

went to another spot but no luck left after 20 min went home

unsatisfied decided to go back to the first wharf no one there

thank god :tease: went for the squid seeming that was my

first day chasing squid couldnt stop there sent my two big rods

out with chunks frozen pilly berlied up for yellow tail/yakkas???

not sure are they the same.......????????any way caught one

YELLOWTAIL/YAKKA put out straight away with no.1 hook

a little latter caught another one YELLOWTAIL /YAKKA put staight

out no sinker on no.2 hook 1 hour later gatting tired deciced to pack

up slowly colapsed one small rod then the first yellowtail was leaving

the other yellowtail out i was cleaning up the rubbish that was

left behind then noticed my line was really tight then smash my drag was running

up stream at fast rate picked the rod with my heart rate pulsing

like the crazy tried not panic guided my rod down the wharf to bottom

where the water still coverd it i hadnt seen any colours of this drag pulling

beast un till the last 10 seconds it was the jewy i have been

waiting for on the wharf in my possesion my second jewy

but the one i ment to catch :1prop::yahoo: so happy

now checked the clock it was 400 am dam the misses :wife: she

cant say much if i walk in with fish like this

thank all you guys for the info that i have been reading and hopefully

with all your pieces of experience i will have another story :thumbup:


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Top report kenny g :thumbup: And great catch! You no longer need the "L" plates!

Well done mate.



PS A yakka is just another name for yellowtail

thanks for that every one says yakka thought it was somethinglike a

yellowtail :biggrin2:

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Congratulations....... After a fish like that, I think we can safely put you on your "P"'s. :thumbup:

Hopefully you will be able to get bigger and better jewies now that you have the bug.


Mrs Flightmanager

cheers thanks for encouragement

i have the bug now




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