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Georges River 11.5.09

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Dad and I put the little timber boat in at Oatley bay and headed to Oyster bay

I bought myself a new 2 pound outfit and was keen to give it a go

first cast with a turtleback worm and I'm on , a whiting around 25 cm's , how good is this


the bite was action packed early with lots of choppers and small whiting , but still fun

was getting a little frustrated wanting a keeper on my new toy when zzzziiiinnnggg

a nice lizard around 45 cm's breaks the duck


Dad is sick of losing gulps to the Tailor and switches to Blades

a little while later I get a good hit from what feels like a bream , and it was

first Bream on 2 pound , released


Dad gets into the action with a nice mid 40's flattie , sorry no pic

we both end up with 2 flatties each with my longest going 48 cms


I get a couple of short screaming runs but fail to hook up , was fun though

then I get another decent fight from this Bream


top stuff on light tackle

was a beaut day on the water with no wind like it has been lately

ended up with a nice feed


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Great report robeebee! :thumbup: Top photos too!

It seems like you're happy with the new outfit alright.

Do you think that you get more hits with the gulps compared to blades for different types of fish or is it more to do with something else? What I mean, is there a reason you'd fish with gulps rather than blades?



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