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Parra River Late Report


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Had a quick 3 hour arvo session with my 8 year old daughter, Anja, the other day. It's been about 8 or 9 months since she's wanted to come out for a ride and a fish with her old man - something about Zac Effron being far more "interesting" LOL.

Anyway started by casting 100mm squidgy wrigglers in bloodworm and wasabi on 1/8 jigheads around the boats and floating pontoons. At this stage Anja was more interested in reading her book and listening to the High School Musical soundtrack on the iPod, and I started picking up a few small fish which started to gain her interest.

As usual, we could see the fish high in the water column, but a cast tight to structure was required to get the bites. They'd follow the lure down and take it either on the drop or pick it up off the bottom. After couple more small fish, I landed a nice 35cm followed by a 39 fork fish. This was to be the start of a great little session, and at this point I put out the teaser and asked if she wanted to land the next one which gained an uncommitted "OK". Couple of casts later I hooked up a smallish fish, which Anja proceeded to land. Next fish, was the same, I handed the rod over and watched with satisfaction as Anja played it out.

Well, that was it. "Dad, where's my rod"? It didn't take her long to settle into a rhythm and find her casting range and before long she was smacking them, including a nice fish which she hooked tight to the structure and fought out like a pro. This ended up being her PB at 32cm fork.

As most fathers would understand, I got more pleasure out of her excitement catching her PB, than I did out of the rest of the fishing that day, and we had a cracker! We ended up with about 11 legals, the best 5 going around 3.8kg.

Cheers, Greg.

post-1674-1242044311_thumb.jpg post-1674-1242044800_thumb.jpg

post-1674-1242044703_thumb.jpg post-1674-1242044522_thumb.jpg

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Well done Anja and greg,

Its always nice to watch your children enjoy fishing and its even better when they get a P.B.

3.8kg bag isnt shabby for only a few hrs out greg, top effort. :thumbup:

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G'day Gerg,

great catch!

Any idea what the conditions were for your big haul? Things like the barometer, tide, etc. In fact weatherunderground website has a great archive option where you can check out graphs of air temperature, wind and barometric changes etc for the day including the time you fished. You might gain some useful info.

Always interested in what conditions were like when guys get big hauls fish (any species) - I reckon it means there is some common thing experienced by all the fish in the area that triggered them to feed intensely or become more aggressive in that period of time (assuming no burley was used - even burley sometimes doesn't work). We've all had sessions that appear to be freak occurrences. Maybe there's something to it.

When you watch those bream comp shows and sometimes they note on their pre-fish day they get a solid catch then the very next day they struggle even though they hit the same/similar spots and use similar techniques. I've got no idea when it comes to bream comps in general but you just get the feeling that the bream were 'exposed' to a common factor that switched them off.

Just in general, if guys do get a large haul of fish (particularly in a shortish period of time) it would be great to get info on the conditions to see if there are any correlations.

Apologises in advance to the guys who find this sort of pseudoscientific cow dung the equivalent of digging the ground at the end of a rainbow and becoming rich!

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Thanks for the kind words. We both had a top arvo on the water, and she was proud as punch- as was I for that matter :biggrin2: . Anja's a competent little fisho, and she isn't backward in telling me where and how we should be fishing - she's just lacked interest recently. After my ill fated Tassie trip this year, I've spent a bit more time fishing socially in the last few months to re-ignite the passion and this was the icing on the cake.

As to a new tournie partner? Time will tell. I wouldn't mind fishing a couple of teams events with her when she's ready - it has already been a topic of conversation in the past.

Klainz - Sorry mate I honestly didn't pay too much attention to the conditions. It was very impromptu trip. In general I do keep a fishing diary, but I'm not at all vigilant at keeping it up to date. i can tell you though, that the reason I fished these spots is based on a pattern that is pretty consistent for this time of year. This isn't the first time I've had a gem of a session there at this time. And, you're right, it could be any number of factors that switch them on or off, be it tide, pressure, wind direction etc.

Tevoro, we hit a number of spots between Putney and North Sydney.

Greg, LOL, I was wondering when it would happen... You've got my number :biggrin2:

Cheers, Greg

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Wow! Great haul there Greg. Great to be able to spend time with Anja too and let her fish on her own terms, eh? I'm finding my own kids are similar too. You can take them to the fish but they will want to do things their own way ....

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As to a new tournie partner? Time will tell. I wouldn't mind fishing a couple of teams events with her when she's ready - it has already been a topic of conversation in the past.

Uh Oh, sacked already, at least she helps catch more than three, lol, cheers Justin.

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Hi Greg Great post and pics. Yourself and Anja should be proud.

There's nothing better than seeing your kids enjoying themselves no matter when or what their doing. I only hope my girls will be able to experience that pleasure of landing their first cracker bream when their a bit older.

Looks like you've got yourself a nice looking rig there to. :thumbup:

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