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Happy Birthday


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Happy Birthday all :1happybday::1happybday::1happybday:

By the way Roosterman, thank Jaime for the invite Steve, sounded like a real good 40th Birthday party to me... nearly made it up there myself but didn't have my car but I had a blackboard and a box of chalk available for a jew session on the back lawn :D ...Jaime did well to surprise you like that Steve 40 odd people and a room full of night owls and a bag full of coral trout for today is about as good as it gets :yahoo:

Happy 40th mate :1happybday::thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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thx for the birthday wishes guys...

hi byron,

glad to hear alls getting better mate... thx for the call and will have to catch up soon..

i was real surprised as i thought something was gonna happen sunday with a small group of friends and bbq...

stayed at mates friday night and fished the hacking,came home early saterday arvo to find the whole front lawn filled with family and friends...

to say i was gobsmaked is not quiet sufficient...

we partied well into the night and 20 or so kids had an absolute ball in the jumping castle,as well as some bigger kids :074: ..

that castle was worth its weight in gold and the adults were able to mingle without worrying about kiddies..highly reccomend this as last few parties we had clowns but last one was bigger clown than makup he wore :thumbdown: ...

my best mate brought over half dozen massive parcels of frozen coral trout and we lazed around today,ran the petrol cars with kids and filled our guts with bbq trout and leftovers...

does it get any better....

well amongst my gifts were some nice fishing stuff and couple vouchers at 2 tackle stores...

gee i love my :wife: for reminding people about my fishing addiction regarding pressies :yahoo: ...

what a great weekend... goodbye dirty 30's and hello naughty 40's :1naughty: ..

check out the grouse cake i got


happy birthday to peahead, high_speed_metal & breamzilla , hope ya had as good a day as me :biggrin2: ..


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