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Coral Sea Trip Report


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That night I put out shark baits again and what a night on the sharks it was... The first shark of the night that we hooked swam back in on the main line and bit us off :mad3: Round 2 was more sucessful, it was the first tiger shark for the trip. After a 30 minute fight tiger shark number 1 was released. We put out another bait straight away and within 10 minutes we were on again. This one took longer to get to the boat and was a fair bit bigger then the first - it was estimated to be about 300kgs.

This is one of the shark baits.


These are the tiger sharks





Half an hour later I caught a white tipped reef shark between 150 and 200 kgs, the deckies said it was the biggest reef shark he had ever seen.


The next day the boys caught a few dog tooth tuna, yellow fin tuna and baracuda.


About 7pm we cruised from Samurez reef to Frederick reef and arrived about 9am. Frederick reef didn't fish as well due to lack of current. We did catch a few reef fish though.

The next day we headed out to Calder bank which is a sea mount that goes from 2200m beneath the surface and rises to within 40m of the surface. This turned out to be the one of the most memorable days fishing any of us had ever had. When we got their we all dropped down baits and everyone was bitten off from sharks. A few of us put on wire trace and spent the next hour and half catching shark after shark. Then it was decided that we would go for a troll. Within 10 minutes we hooked the first wahoo on an old Diawa Sealine that had to be retired as we burnt out the drag washers. As we didn't get it to the boat quick enough the sharks got that fish. It is specatular sight watching a pack of sharks eat a wahoo on the surface which happened numerous times throughout the day. For the next 5 hours we caught wahoo after wahoo ranging from 24 kgs to 38 kgs. All up we landed 26 Wahoo that day, 3 heads, lost just as many fish and we lost and damaged alot of lures.



Continued in part 3....

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These reports are insane!! What an awesome trip, i hope that the proposed marine park going in there doesnt end up stopping rec fishing because it truly is an awesome place, something that I hope to be able to experience one day

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Awesomw fishing

Who,s the lunatic patting the shark OMG

Or had just had way to many schoonerburgers


Trapper T

the lunatic patting the shark was :wacko: Clate . The shark was pretty docile there it had just gone

through 30 min fight pulling full drag on tiagra 80 so it was fairly worn out.


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