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A Slight Break In The Weather


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Hi Guys,

It's been 8 weeks since we have wet a line and took us some time to 'remember where we left the boat!!'

Didn't really care if we caught nothing , just wanted to get-out and burn some diesel.

So......... we fished yesterday in the 15-20 knot west sou-wester. Wet / uncomfortable / cold, but in the end we found a few small ones.

Caught some livies early, had a visit from the waterways boys and then headed out for a troll. No boats, no birds, 20.8 degree water in a 1.6 knot current. After 2 hours or so, we got a triple hook-up.............. and only got one to the boat as we lost a lure to one and a hook to another, due to poor tackle maintenance is my guess!!!! .......... that'll teach ya! a mate said !!!!!!

Anyway at least we got one! Trolled some more until we ended up in an estimated area to set-up a drift to see if any more were around. Started a cube trail with a few baits out in within 15 minutes we hooked another. Continued the drift and got one more at 4.45pm. In all, not a bad diesel burning day after all! :thumbup:








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I have to say if those two fish were lost to bad maintenance it would be the only thing the magic men have done wrong in the time i have been on the boat.I was lucky enough twelve months ago to be taken under these guys wings. I have been fishing since i was two but only landbased until i was old enough to have my own boat. In the last twelve months i have caught more quality fish than most people would ever be lucky enough to come across (55kg yellow fin tuna, 110kg black marlin, 85kg stripe marlin) just to name a few of my high lights . These guys have taught me so much about game fishing and leave nothing to chance the attention to detail is demonstrated in their results. Great blokes i am stoked to be on reel magic.

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Nice fish Moony.


Well done guys I think you must have found the only three fish swimming in our waters. Everyone else caught zip off Sydney over the weekend..That is if you caught them off Sydney. I know that there are some excellent tuna off Ulludulla, Kiama.

We done.


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