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40cm Plus Kingfish


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Headed down south today for a bit of general fishing and bottom bouncing.

Threw squid jigs around the rocks at the end of Jibbon beach first up for nil result.

Then went and drifted off marley point in approx 40 m of water for heaps of small flathead but no keepers.

Headed further south and drifted around in 40-50m of water and managed afew keepers (2 flaties, 2 chinamen jackets and a nannigai). the wind started to pick up so we moved a bit further south and in close and managed acouple more keeper flathead and heaps of throwbacks.

The wind kept blowing so we moved in close to the rocks and anchored up. The berley soon had all sorts eating our baits. We had lots of fun even though we only added half a dozen fish to the esky(a good reef jacket, a red rock cod and some wrass). caught sweep,red bream just under size, baracoutta, wirrah, pike, yellow tail, mados,etc,etc sammy the seal came up to have a look, dolphins were feeding just nearby.

Then every now and then a big gannet would divebomb the fish at the back of the boat.

We had rat kings coming up into the berley trail on a regular basis, caught and released probably 20 up to 55cm while we were there. on 2 and 4kg outfits they were great fun even if we didn't get one legal size.

We had a great day even though we didn't fill the boat caught a feed of fish in good conditions.

Still Hooking Bruce

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