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Flathead Madness - Botany Bay


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Hello Raiders,

Fishraider Belly, myself and another mate of ours hit the water at Oatley Bay about 5.30am this morning. We went straight out into Botany Bay and had a drift around Sans Souci throwing all manner of soft plastics. We started out with a small bream and a couple of hard fighting trevally. Belly caught a good size Tailor and soon after, caught the first legal flathead of the day. We got a few more at that location before we decided to move over to Towra Point.

Not long after arriving, Belly hooks up and you could tell immediately that it was a good fish. 76cm's of Botany Bay Dusky Flathead to be exact. Just an awesome fish.

post-10314-026206800 1287805474_thumb.jpg

post-10314-083821700 1287805503_thumb.jpg

It was only after the pics were taken and this beautiful moster returned to the water did we have time to take stock of what had happened. She has ripped a hole in my landing net (great excuse for a brand new Enviro Net) as well as straightened Belly's hook. We were pretty lucky to land this fish, all things considered.

post-10314-065695700 1287805760_thumb.jpg

This started which I would say was the best session of fishing I have been a part off for a very long time. Belly and our mate caught a 56cm flattie and a 51cm flattie between them.

post-10314-070375600 1287805642_thumb.jpg

We also boated about another 6 legal flathead at that spot.

We worked Towra heading back towards the Georges River. We caught another 53cm specimen as well as plenty of other 40cm models.

post-10314-020884800 1287805592_thumb.jpg

All up our tally for today was 15 legal flatties, about 5 or so undersize flatties, 2 trevally, one tailor, a bream and a baby snapper.

Berkley should be proud, all of the fish from todays adventures were from their products (and we tried heaps of different lures throughout the day)

All fish released today.


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Well done. Looks like you had a fun session.

I was at san souci this morning off the beach throwing a mf-40 around for a hour or so and on the last cast i managed 70cm FAT flatty. Had to weigh 2.5kg. great fight on the 2-4kg stick i was using. Ill be back there in the morning, tight lines all

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Top morning boys and well done on the 76cm monster!lOOKS LIKE THE FLATTIES ARE WAKING UP TOO :1fishing1: What depth were you fishing boys?

Hi Rob, it was about a metre or two or three. It was crystal clear water and we could always see the bottom. Sorry I can't be more specific but I don't own a depth sounder.


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