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My First King Of The Season


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What a great morning...good fishing, good weather PERFECT!!

Started off bait collecting, on the water by six, went out get squid, not luck as usual. Went to get yakkas, plenty off em. Riged up the livies, set em down and for 2 hours nothing. Thought i would try my luck with the bonnies (hoping for some kingie) trolled little minnows on the two stradic 2500's. Trolled for about 15min and zzzzzzzzzz my dad was on, i went to go pull my rod in and ZZZZZZZZZZZZ i was on! 5min later dad pulled in a respetable 65cm kingie, me! I was still going with my king very green...absolutley screaming off every time he saw the boat, not to mention a 90 degree rod! 15min later, i bring him in, just as the treble snaps of the lure, a very fat 70cm kingie that put up a hell of a fight! Definalty not a massive kingie (although he did go like one) but on my light gear i couldn't be happier!!!

Trolling home picking up a few bonnies........

Couldn't ask for a better day!


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well done on the kings did u get any photo's of the 70cm models? was a great day out 2day

Yeah i just realized that was the smaller one i think around 65cm... I dont have a great pick of the bigger one but ill post anyway.

Thanks mike! biggrin2.gif in two weeks were gonna be big into them!!!thumbup.gif

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