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Put Extra Locks On Your Boat Trailer

Basil D

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Went out fishing from RoseBay today at 4am and a fellow came up to me and asked to Borrow my trailer to take his boat home as someone nicked his Trailer.

With a heavy heart I said no, I mean I don't know the Guy and what sort of damge will it get or if He will come back, Just too many things went through my mind, I felt for the Guy.

I went fishing and must have got Cursed.

My Electric Anchor Stopped working, I could find Bait for a couple of Hours and Lost three Fish, Two I think were King, they reefed me and the Other got hooked On a shallow diver, was a good fish and came off.

Ended up with some Bonnies.

There was thousands of Salmon out there But I wasn't interested, the fight to get in amongst them was a Dodge em cars centre

post-8352-032966100 1287825817_thumb.jpg

post-8352-045706600 1287825830_thumb.jpg

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I don't think I would have let him take my trailer either mate. Who's to say he didn't have a trailer in the first place! What was he going to do with his boat when he got it home as a lot of boat owners using Rosebay ramp live in the Eastern suburbs and park their boats on the street, was he going to push it off the trailer onto the road? So many scenarios! Yes if he was fair dinkum I feel for his loss too.

Regards Jeff

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Hi Groper,

You did the right thing mate,that is a lurk they have used for years

down there ,having their trailer around on the next ramp,believe it or not

a hell of a lot lost their trailers with that method.

Times you have to be hard, as Jeff said that area they would have to unload onto

tyres in the street ,not likely.

Cheers Rick.

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I got back to the Boat ramp 11am so its was few hours fishing only.

The guy was still there in the water next to the Ramp with his Boat and waiting for his Brother to bring a new trailer, looks like the guy was Genuine.

But getting a new trailer was the right thing to do, Like you said, were was the guy going to unload his Boat, On the street with tyres.

Having said that you don't know if they are truthful or not.

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Obtaining a trailer at short notice can be difficult. The easiest & fastest way to get the boat home is to call a tow truck , one with the tilt tray.

They can winch the boat onto the the tray then drop it off at your selected location.

If the trailer / boat is insured then the transport cost may be covered by the insurance.


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im just about to buy a new tralier old one is rusty.i was thinking of selling the old , after reading this and other stories im going to keep it i case the unthinkable happines .besides the guy at the tralier place told me who ever buys it will most prob rebirth it all the best peter

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