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Kids First Fish Need Help


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Hey raiders,

Just bought new tinnie and i want to take my girls 2 and 4 years of age for thier first fishing experience on a boat. I dont have a sounder or gps was planning to take them in the Hakesbury and put the boat in at Bobbin Head i really would love to get my kids into fishing can you help me with spots to drift and help my kids catch thier first fish.

Any tips more than welcome.

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Hey mate,

If u want them to catch a few then just fish landbased at bobbin head for bream, whiting, mullet and Tailor. Prawns and bread will do just fine. Loads of tiny bream there with a few big ones around. Take them to the marina for a drink and show them the schools of thumping big bream that hang around there. There are quite a few snags but if you use a float or cast it out far enough for them then you should have a ball. You can see heeps of the small bream hang inclose aswell as Blackfish with absolutely huge mullet around 60cm also within view.

Good luck


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You can also try Waratah bay which is 2 or 3 bays up on the left from the boat ramp (at appletree bay). At low tide you can pump for nippers and also go for a bush walk to keep the kids amused if they want to stretch their legs . Good for flatties , bream and small pinkies

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