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A m8 of mine was on a charter yesterday in search of kingies. They only managed 1 huge squid and dropped another two in the process, but got a heap of live yakkas one of the guys had actually never fished before and said he was stoked just to catch a yakka lol. Headed to their first spot and as they were lining up to anchor when another boat comes in full bore to the place they were moving back up to anchor on, stops suddenly and drops anchor!

After dropping a few fish to the boys striking to early, they watch in amazement as for the next hour plus that boat tries every which way but they right way to retrieve his obviously valuable anchor on shall we say not really a fishing boat! Funny he said the only time he came close to nearly getting it up from the right angle he said he leant over and cut the rope with a bouy attached. So thats the Karma part. Fishing wise they then moved out to land their first king just legal but released, Plenty on sounder but not on the chew.

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Ouch! I'm keen to know whats the right way to get an anchor unstuck?

let a bit of rope out, drift back n hammer it foward, hold on tight, its worked for me 9 outa 10 times, once it came out like a boomarang, nothing like a hammer couldnt fix, good as a second hand one, beats cutting the rope n buying a new one tho.

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fishing of nambucca a while ago we lost an anchor to one of the reefs (nothing too new really) we tryed everything for a while (was doing an over nighter and wanter to move to another section of the reef) the anchor yanka just couldn't free it and each time we tryed a littler diffrent angle and all that to the point that the boat was getting turned back around (thats how well stuck it was)we even had another boat that was fishing with us try in the morning after we cut it off and tired a few bouys onto it. They were in a 24footer and still couldn't get it to move (we belive it got wedged down in a crevice on the reef)

funny part was a couple of months ago and after 8months gone my mate was fishing down there again fishing when he had one of his lines wrap around some rope the wound in nice and easy so to not to lose the rig and after seeing it was his rope he tryed again and it popped out as easy as anything and scored back his anochor

so even if they did something a tad rude they may of not even relised but i know how it is to have an achor not let go

heres one for you all but

'you lose your anchor whist fishing on a reef (bad enoght more $$$ to pay out for a new one) as your comeing back inside to go home or even at the boat ramp your stopped and have a safty check done, what do you thinki the chance would be that you would be able to get off for not haveing the anchor as part of your safty items?? should we be thinging of haveing two for the odd times like this? techinacly i guess you could be done for not haveing all your safty equipment'

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We have had our anchor jammed several times

Each time I Dave brought the rope around to the stern and uses one of the heavy cleats on the sterh rather than straining the ones on the bow this also stops the anchor pulling your bow down

Tried a couple of different angles starting with driving forward over the top of the anchor

Haven't lost it yet but they come up bent at times

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I know its not a thread about anchors but how about this one... I anchored once with my normally oversized anchor and found i was slowly drifting... Pulled up the rope to re-anchor and its GONE... chains still there but D shackle and anchor has done the harry holt...

Only a couple days ago i tried to open the D shackle and couldnt coz it was siezed...


Having said that they are $35 worth of metal i lose more in lures on a bad day out!

Inconsiderate mongrels are a bummer though thats being polite lol


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