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Stradic Ci4?


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the stradic ci4's body is made out of a different material therefore it is lighter. it also has some aesthetic differences and a different handle. i also have a 2500fi, top reel mate.

just remember, its not about how much it weighs, its about how well it balances with your rod.

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i was lucky enough to buy a stradic ci4 2500 for $150 aud from america, powerful little reel got it paired with a Pflueger Trion Tournament 7'2" 2-5kg and its amazingly light and can handle upto around 7kgs of drag :D but as david said its all about the balance, i was looking to get the stradic 2500Fi and even tested its balance on my rod, but i couldn't resist the price for the ci4! I don't think the differences are masssive, the only thing i noticed was the weight! ci4 was 196g and 2500Fi 270g!



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Thanks for the info boys...That is quite a weight difference, I think i might opt to go with that for my next reel. I love my FI but that weight diff is very considerable. I have found out they have the same drag pressure but 1 extra bearing too!!

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The ci4 is a beautiful little reel has a nice drag.Got mine paired with a ian miller bream buster is a great balanced

combo.The pflueger trion would go a treat i have one paired with an okuma v system c14 would go with it nicely.


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I've got a 4000 in this reel and highly rate it.


Very smooth, Drag is slightly stickier if that makes sence in comparison to a sol. I believe the Ci4 has one more bearing? I am unsure about this though.

The FI is much heavier and feels solid while the Ci4 has alot more play in everything if that makes sense? Just pull the spool up and down handle back and forth etc. It does not effect the reel at all its just down to the materials. If I understand the dribble from Shimano is a carbon injected fibreglass which from alot of work with cars would put its strength (body wise) in the same mark as steel. So dont under rate it! Shimanos 10 yr warranty is a extra bonus which you cant go past either!

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Very nice reel, I enjoyed using it But expensive if you lose it. I had one but now it is at the bottom of botany bay just off Molly point in the shipping channel.

PM me if u happen to snag it up it has an Okuma x factor rod with it. :)

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I bought my Ci4 about 6months ago and i love it.

The biggest test it had was only the other day when I pulled in a rat kingie on 3lb braid. I think that speaks volumes for the drag being smooth. If it was sticky i'd imagine the rattie would've busted me off.

I'm not sure if someone has gone down this path but I see a versatility in strong and light reels. Especially for travel.

With the Ci4 4000 for example. it's got 9kg drag, and only weighs 260g which is less than a stradic FI 2500.

Therefore, all you'd need to do in theory is get a spare spool, load one up with 4lb braid the other with 10-20lb or something heavier and then you've got yourself covered for a wide range of fishing. I know it may look silly with such a big reel on a 2-4kg rod for instance, but if it balances (which it will) then the size of the reel doesn't really matter then does it.

My two soft plastics rigs are:

Bream and whiting, 1-4kg t-curve with 2500 ci4.

Big flatties, kings, trevally, 2-4kg trion with a sedona 2500.

Been thinking about getting a Ci4 4000 to replace the sedona so i can use it with the trion as a bit of an all rounder when i go on holidays.

I still think it sucks the that ci4 doesn't come with a spare spool. And consumers everywhere are saying the same thing... Everytime i contact Shimano ( who are around the corner from me ) to try and get a spare spool, they are always sold out and waiting for more.

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