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Nice Flatty To Kick Off The Season


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I haven't been out for a fish for a while due to crap weather and work commitments so I promised myself a morning start on Sunday. Didn't get the yak in until 7am and out near the main channel, I hooked a little reddy half an hour later. As I was unhooking it, my heavier line went tight around my neck with a pink manns stretch being the lucky lure. I felt some serious weight and the Stradic screamed a few times while I got my other line in.I saw some colour and it was a cracking flatty. First netting attempt and she shot out of the silicon net taking drag with her. Secoond attempt was more successful and I spent the next few minutes getting the lure out with TLC. I didn't have my brag mat and she dwarfed my 50cm sticker on the yak so I measured from bothe ends and estimated her roughly at 80cm and full of roe with a fat belly. I managed a crappy photo from my phone. lip gripped her with my tea-towel and started swimming the girl and when she bit my knuckle a few times she swam off happily.post-4017-060974700 1289819906_thumb.jpg

Hoping that the fishing gods would look after me after the release, I picked up a stray flatty or two and a hungry whiting that slammed a 70mm hard body. Hit a good patch of flatties and scored 3 50cm+ models in about 10 minutes. It ended up a good morning and my pink lures did the trick for most of the fish.post-4017-062095700 1289819888_thumb.jpg

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Thats a great catch mate you did better than me on sunday I was having a barry crocker!

The belting hangover and sun beaming down on me wasnt helping either.

Where you in a group with a couple of other yakkers or on your own? Was a busy day on the water and its only gonna get busier the next 4-6 months!

See you on the water


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Well done mate, fantastic effort! I went out Saturday and only managed a small 40cm specimen.

Lots of traffic on the water, especially those horrible jet ski's.

I am sure the fishing gods will be smiling down on you for releasing the BIG 80cm pregnant girl, which will spawn alot of little baby flatties. Better than eating her.

I let my little bloke go, great to see him swim away and settle into the sand.



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Great to see you back out on the water, it must be satisfying to start with a very successful outing. You did well considering the colour of the water flowing through the Georges at the moment (certainly very brown around Pleasure Point). Congratulations on releasing the big breeder - it will mean more flatties for the future :thumbup:

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Well done Rob. The fishing gods paid you back a few times over. Good looking feed there.

Like Musty & DarkHorse I also went out on Saturday and tried all of my favourite (and usually very productive spots - Towra) and only caught 4 flatties 30cm - 40cm for about four hours fishing. Maybe like what Basscatcher said, too much fresh, but that didn't seem to bother you.

I take it your fishing Georges/Botany???


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