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Fishing With Becca


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went for a daddy daughter day today picked up becca at watsons at 8.00am i was there from 6.00 and could not catch any squid or even a yakka first time ever i had no live bait :ranting2:

the plan was to get becca her first king started at old mans hat and trolled to blue fish and backto north head for zip just about to call it quits and the sounder lit up with bait well with in 20 seconds the slimmy like lure start screaming

this was a big king as i had the drag set at 20lb and 80lb braid this fish was unstopable with poor becca doing her best not going over board then ping i was buzzing and becca thought she had done somthing wrong i had to explane darling you just got smoked then bricked :1yikes: lost a good lure but well worth it

rerigged and trolled the same patch off bait for two more runs but no hits time for plan b out with the down rigger and califonia squid head and back to the bait first pass and twang goes the saltist and a short but sweet fight and becca boats her first king :yahoo: few snapps and she released it after a bit off a swimm with her thumb in its mouth we worked the bait for a few more passes but not takers

next part off our plan was a flatty session at her fav spot we had all sorts off bait but the ranset bonito i had that has been frozen about 10 times was the prime bait first bait down and she's on to a good flatty that went 550mm then the next rod goes off with a 500mm flatty all in about 15 mins this kept up for the next hour with me baiting 3 rods and becca catching all the fish we only kept the first 2 flattys as thats a good feed for 3 people all fish were leagle size with the smallest going 350mm 9 flattys caught in total

then as we always do off to watsons for lunch one off the best fishing trips i've had in a long time and beccas best to date cheers gary

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