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Bass From A Mid North Coast Creek


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Hi all

No rest for the wicked!! My girlfriend from Canberra, Kim, arrived at Forster the same day that i returned from Monduran, so we hit the Breck Channel the next morning & had some terrific bream hits up at K Spot - tho not many stayed connected. However, just the number of hits was encouraging! I was trying a soft floating plastic over the racks with some hits & only the one hookup. I will continue trying the SFP at numerous areas within the lake, to see how it goes.

Kim in her new Hobie Sport

post-2231-066491600 1290140309_thumb.jpg

Nice Bream on SFP

post-2231-098092700 1290140500_thumb.jpg

Day 2 of Kim's stay & we hit the Breck channel again, but it became very windy & the fish weren't on the chew as they had been the day before! It also made for a very energetic pedal back to base! We found a quiet area in one of the channels on the way back & whilst tossing a sammy around, found myself under attack by a very persistant tern!! It had line hanging from its body, so it was evident that it had already had one encounter closer than it had intended!! For more than 10 minutes, this bird dive bombed me, much to the hilarity of the returning hire boats!! At this point in time, I was just trying to net the darn thing to remove the line from it, but even tho it came periously close to the net, always avoided it, whilst still trying to snaffle my sammy, which I was just tapping on top of the water at the end of my rod to grab its attention. Kim, in the meantime, was laughing her head off whilst continuing casting HER sammy!! Just when I thought the bird had given up on me, it came back & bombed me some more!! By this time, I was trying to grab the loose line that was hanging about 1m below its wings, without success - maybe I gave it a fright, but it took off, flying high ..... and found a new target to bomb ...... KIM!!! Success!! Kim's line was looped across it's wing & as it tried to fly away, kept crashing back to the water!! I pedalled over & grabbed the bird by the neck, untangling Kim's line, then followed the loose line to the source ...... to it's mouth! The bird had swallowed the hook & all!! I gave it a gentle tug & could feel the hook grabbing deep in its throat, so just cut the line at the mouth & the bird took off, not annoying us again, thank God!

Kim & her Tern

post-2231-082849200 1290140447_thumb.jpg

We had a 'lay day' on the Sat & went for a bit of a drive - bumping into a fellow yakker along the way. We weren't sure whether we would go out to Gloucester or Port Macquarie in search of 'new water' so went our separate ways. As it was, we headed off the highway to check out a river that flowed under the highway & finding no access, we just continued on that road to Gloucester! The Gloucester River was very high & still in flood - tho it had fallen somewhat, showing the flattened grasses on the flats

We then headed towards Bundook on a dirt road and made our way to Mt George (what a tiny, bedraggled settlement that is, somewhat reminiscent of Duelling Banjo's fame!) and drove along the Manning River (also in BIG flood and flowing chocolate brown) and you could see on one of the crossings that trees & debris had at one stage blocked the road! It will be another 2 weeks, I reckon before that river settles down again.

Debris on the road

post-2231-055615500 1290140538_thumb.jpg

Looking down river

post-2231-078369000 1290140608_thumb.jpg

Then we went to what was supposed to be our SECOND stop of the day, a small creek that I had found after numerous hours 'scouting new water' last year ....... and Kim said - OMG if we'd come here, I wouldn't have left!! We'd thrown rods in, but not yaks! So we chucked some lures around without success, and planned on returning the next day with the yaks!!

When I got home, there was a message from Denis (of bass fishing fame, who had won Wivenhoe Convention this year, as well as a toga comp at Somerset & another fresh water comp as well this year!!) had made contact to say that Kathy & he were in Forster & keen to meet up! YAY!! I said I'd chuck a yak on the back of the ute, a spare rod & lures & meet him at the 'put in' spot at the Creek!

The Three Amigos - ROberta, Denis & Kim

post-2231-060741300 1290140687_thumb.jpg

Sunday morning & we meet up & put the yaks in - I am amazed that we have it 'on our own', being a weekend! Denis is in my Perception Minnow & really pleased to try it, as he is thinking of getting a smaller yak for smaller waters & there are a few similar to the Minnow on the market, so good to try it out! He had brought some of his own lures and was happy to chuck them about! He had a hit or two & then he was on!! I call him the Bass Whisperer now!! I'd only fished that creek about 3-4 times & only caught 1 fish on 2 of the sessions, & Denis catches one within minutes of putting in! Grrrrr Nah! I was pleased for him, actually, as he had been such a terrific sport last Sept when Keith & I were on the Gold Coast for the Triathlon World Champs - he'd picked me up & taken me bass fishing twice & in his boat as well!!

Denis's first fish

post-2231-035620500 1290140724_thumb.jpg

Knowing there were bass in there that were willing to bite, we continued casting to any snag & under trees & onto the bank. I had a couple of GOOD hits on a soft plastic, but the fish couldn't find the hook! So I gave it a break, deciding to try it again on the way back. I moved onto a top water lure again. Kim was getting hits but no hookups, then Denis gets ANOTHER one - this one was 40cm! Very nice fat fish! I am pretty sure he got it off the snag where I had had my hit!

Denis onto his GOOD fish

post-2231-097360300 1290140775_thumb.jpg

The bass whisperer strikes again!

post-2231-052720400 1290140816_thumb.jpg

One VERY fat bass

post-2231-024029000 1290140848_thumb.jpg

All the more determined, I changed to a diving lure (as Denis was using one) and had no more hits! Becoming a bit despondent (even in this rural beauty with cows galore! ....) I went back to the SP and tossed it towards a small snag & I felt a thump & saw my line moving to the left! Just as well it didn't go to the right, as that would have taken it right into the snag! I let the fish leave the snag area & then applied pressure until it realised it was hooked & took off!! It put a healthy bend in the rod & tried to regain access to the snag, but I was just as determined to keep him out of it!! I won!!

Yay! A nice fat 34cm wild river bass was brought to the net! :) I was really pleased as missing the hits earlier in the day had mystified me!

post-2231-074671500 1290140885_thumb.jpg

Happy with a 34cm bass

post-2231-020696800 1290140943_thumb.jpg

Even the cows came down to see what the fuss was all about!!

post-2231-009897300 1290140988_thumb.jpg

Kim, in the meantime had had many hits but no hookups & had finished for the day & was at the car with Kathy, who had brought a yummy Carrot Cake for snacks! We told our tales of tortuous trembling whilst fighting the resident bass ..... and decided to return another day, to do battle with them again!!

That evening, Keith, Kim & I enjoyed an evening out at one of the nice new restaurants near the bridge, with Kathy & Denis - and with Kim leaving in the morning, it was a pleasant way of finishing her trip to Forster! Looking forward to our next outing already, Kim!

We currently have family with us from NZ for a few days, then next weekend, we head to Mandurah in WA for 2 weeks!!

So, until next time ..... cheerio


Keith is doing VERY well - feeling really good & has been swimming in the ocean pool on Main beach & even done a jog or 2 on the beach with his brother whilst I was away & some spinning on his indoor bike downstairs! Still got to take it easy tho, as he is slowly working the chemo out of his system! The good news is that the skin on his arms is nearly back to normal & he is not having to get up to put cream on thru the night any more! YAY!

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Hi Roberta great and detailed report as usual.Just wondering what type of plastics and rig and gear your using for fishing the sp's.

I feel like i am getting a handle on the pencils and want to try soft plastics on the surface for some variety.I would be fishing in

water up to a metre deep over weed beds and maybe racks if i go down the coast.Any information would be a great help.


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Bugger!! I somehow managed to load it twice - maybe I deleted the wrong one!! I'll try & reload the pics! Sorry!!


I can see them now - can you??

Hi Roy - I've just added some thin foam to the top of a light 1/32th jig heads by forcing the hook thru the middle of it, fold the foam over the jig head & glue it together, leaving the eye exposed! I was using smaller sps like 3" gulp minnow. Works OK but look forward to catching more breambos on it tho! :biggrin2: Stick with it & success will come!

Edited by Roberta
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Great post as usual Roberta - you certainly have all the options covered :1worthy: .

Good on you for making the effort to help that poor Tern :clapping: , especially after it attacked you a couple of times.

Those Bass look very healthy and would have been great fun from the kayak.

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Nice couple of sessions, Roberta. Those bass are in amazing condition... almost look like me :biggrin2:

What sort of plastics and hook rigs are you using for your floating SP tactic?

Not long now till we're down you're way. I hope you haven't caught all the fish by then.

Cheers, Slinky

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Thanks guys - it was a fun couple of outings. I want to do more bass fishing & don't want to have to drive 2hrs to get there! That bloody tern was a terror, tho! It just wouldn't leave me alone! Just when I thought he'd gone, he'd come in from a different angle, trying to grab the Sammy, even tho at the tip of the rod. He used the 'beware the hun in the sun' theory - you just couldn't see it coming at you because of the glare!

Hi Slinky - he, he, Very nicely conditioned bass they were, too!! Looking forward to you seeing 'my backyard' & I hope I'll be able to get you onto some fish! Re the SFP - the size of the SP varies depending on the amount of foam you use. I've used it with Squidgy Bugs, wrigglers & gulp 3" minnows. I try to fit the foam so that part of the 'hooking mechanism' for the SP to stay on the hook is still sufficient to prevent the SP from sliding off with casting, etc., Trial & error to a degree. Just fun trying something 'different'! :biggrin2: Will show you some tricks when you are here! :1prop:



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Where do you get your energy, Roberta? :biggrin2: The car has barely settled back onto the shockies from your barra sojourn and you're off chasing bream and bass again! Dive-bombing terns, inquisitive cows and feisty bass; your report had it all. Terrific to hear of Keith's progress as well. All indicators point towards a much better 2011 for you both ;)



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