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Another Allnighter


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Hi Raiders,just another quick report.

Hit the harbour for another allnighter ,this time with Wacko.

Got to the ramp a little early and decided to catch a few mullet for live bait.Once Jack had arrived we went to try get some squid though found it extremely hard and only managed 5 arrows.

Just before sunrise we decided to go get a few yakkas and within 2mins had 8 yakkas so off went to see if we could get more squid but only found 1 calamari.

After a while we decided we would go see if the kings were around and they didnt seem to be there either.

So next on plan was to anchor up for a jewie and so we did and after about half an hour jack nailed a fat 85cm model

post-10704-007866200 1290144818_thumb.jpg

After a couple of hours and a quick snooze ,we went to chase the kingys and Jack hooked onto a 85cm model and soon later i got a 70+model.

Just want to say thanks to WACKO!!!!!!!!! JACKO!!!!!!!! for another great day out on the water, YOU ARE A GUN FISHERMAN!!!Cant wait to hit the water again!!


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what a nice fish! by the way is it safe to eat those kingy? i heard fishes from the harbour is dangerous:S

they are a pelagic fish they move around so are fine to eat unlike bream and mullet which are most contaminated as they stay in harbour and will cause long term effects if eatn oten

eg birth defects cancer ect ect list goes on.

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