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Jervis Bay Striped Tuna


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Hi All

i was searching the net for some info on rock fishing tuna, and discovered this magnificant site. Thought id say hi.

Im heading down from syd with the family, to Culburra beach, over xmas and NewYears and am really keen to try my hand on some striped tuna, Bonito, Mackerel Tuna.

Ive been beach / rock fishing for a while now and love it (got a new 12' beach rod and shakespere sigma 070 reel thanx to the missus for xmas ;P) and maily target salmon, tailor and blackies. As this is my 1st year to the illawarra region, i feel like being adventurous :thumbup:

Just wondering if ill be pushing my luck going for tuna / worth the effort without a boat.

Any good spots along the coast apart from the famous tubes on the nth point, as im not really chasing the big game fish

My plan is to float livies on one rod, and spinning metals with another.

Is Berly a must? should i use the same approach as the big boats, cubing pillies into the whitewater ?

Any other tips would be much appreciated as most of this is new to me.

(if im still chasing after a week i might give a local charter a call too :thumbup: )

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hi bennoz

the best place to go for tailor and salmon is murrys beach. when you arive at the beach walk over to where the rocks are and cast out into the wash. and you shold catch fish. the best time for this is sunrise and sunset.

best of luck

Adams apple

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Hi Ben,

If you want a crack at stripies from the stones head out to the Big Beecroft near CURRARONG and you will need high speed spin gear like a 3 or 4000 size reel with 10 braid and a 40 to 50 gram spinner,cast as far as you can and crank it back as fast as you can.

Bonnies and salmon and tailor will fall for the same tackle with a slower retrieve.

Cheers Stewy

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land based options are endless in this area... you will love it.

Some suggestions

BIG XOS salmon and Tailor - Target Beach. You Have to drive out towards Currarong then take the Pt Perpendicular road out to Honeymoon Bay then park the car and walk about 1.5km but worth it. Fishes best on the incoming tide

Stripeys, Salmon, Tailor & Bream - Fish the rocks at the entrence to the Crookhaven River but watch the high tide.

Kingfish have recently been caught off the rocks at Penguin Head...might be worth a try.

The beaches fish well on evening and night for all species including Bronze Whaler sharks. Good reef out the front of the Surf club. Hoping the lake also opens soon. If it does the fishing will go bezerk :1yikes:

hope that helps

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got back today from culburra. Unfortunatley had to cut the trip short due to a close friend passing away in a diving accident.

... Anyway thanks to all for the tips. had a great trip.

caught a load of salmon from culburra beach to break in my new beach outfit. biggest was just over 4kg and gave me a run for my money. Average was close to 3kg - was surprised at the constant size. I know alot of people regard these as poor eating, but after filleting, flour salt and pepper, grilled on the BBQ - they were great.

went to the Crookhaven heads under the lighthouse - picked up some drummer and flatties.

got out to murrys beach but it was such a nice day (and with some family + mates) we just had a beach day. beautiful spot - can see what u mean about the rocks - looks like a top spot. A pod of dolphins were frollicking about 20meters away. Totally awesome to be in the water with them

spent a day walking / exploring currarong. that will def be my next stop with more time.

saw some old men pulling in good size whiting from callala beach. Even saw some pull up a small cobia and a small salmon.

Jervis bay - What a Great spot

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