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Toothy Critters 3


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The original "Toothy Critters" thread started as a collection of photos of "toothy" and "ugly" sea creatures - the ones you'd never "kiss" and release.

This is the third installment as I thought it was time to start a new collection.

If you haven't seen the two previous Toothy Critters threads, click on the following links:

To see the original "Toothy Critters", click here

To see "Toothy Critters 2", click here

Here are a couple of close ups of some "toothy" bonito. (Note: Click on the images to see them full size)

post-4381-030100400 1292565280_thumb.jpg

post-4381-004350400 1292565301_thumb.jpg

Please add some of your own "toothy critter" photos.



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