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HELP - Clues please!



I caught a wonderfully golden coloured fish at the Spit 2 weeks ago around 3 a.m. and I've been searching hard to ID the fish ever since.

It looked like a stumpy version of a Port Jackson with a similar style head and mouth under the head as if it was a bottom feeder. The head was about 15 cm from the mouth to the brow and it was about 45 CM to the tail. The skin was the same kind that a PJ has except it was a beautiful golden colour all round and had no distinguishing stripes, spots or markings. Its side profile was like a wedge shape (think of a door wedge) and the fins were quite small.

I'm afrid I don't have a picture of this fish but please can somebody give me some clues in IDing the fish.



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Thanks for the clues but not even close I'm afraid.

I've already checked the Australian Fisherman's Companion, Coral Reef fishes of the Indo-Pacific & Caribbean guide, The Australian Museum website and Raider's Aquarium section.

I might have to do a sketch cause this is a toughie.

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