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Brisbane floods


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Very bad this is. I have some colleages who are Directors of Nursing up there and they have staff sleeping at the hospital because they cant get home. My friend had to do a night shift in the maternity ward because there were several births about to happen and staff could not get to work.

Hope this is over with very soon.

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The devastation in Qld in general is just tragic (and possibly in northern NSW rivers area soon....)! Thousands will be evacuated over the next few days.

I contacted Paulo (of Marlin from Yak fame) to check how he was & he has been evacuated and expects his place to go under some time this afternoon! :wacko: My heart goes out to him.

Poor Chinchilla is being hit again - 2nd time in 2 weeks, not long after some had just returned to their homes after the first flooding.


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It is indeed mother nature at its worst, La Nina is doing one hell of a job and theres nothing anyone can do about it. There have been some amazing scenes on the tv and the memories will last a life time for some. Fortunately everything will be rebuilt and or replaced but the lives lost cant. We live in a funny country, flood , fire and drought This is Australia! Considering the country is one big floodplain and people will build things on it these become the result. The worst thing is there will be more to come of it and other people will suffer the same, all that water has to drain somewhere. Hard to comprehend 22M of water going past. Just saw on the tv a toilet block floating off Frazer Island! To all who have family and friends involved im sure all our thoughts r with them. We are a strong nation of hardened people its times like these when true aussie spirit comes to the fore. On a good note though, especially for all New South Welshmen, How good is it to see Lang Park underwater!

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The real job will start in a few weeks as the clean up continue and then the rebuilding begins. With 75% of the state affected it leaves a lot of people, most of the tradesmen out of action to help with the rebuilding.

many of us will find ourselves away from our family while we rebuild this great state. Words I thought I'd never be saying having grown up in western Sydney.

Queensland is gods country and it will be rebuilt better than ever.

As of now, we are watching tropical lows and cyclones well off the coast. We are going to be lucky to be not hit by one of these in the next 4 weeks I reckon.

On the Goldy we got away relatively unscathed, I don't feel this will be the case over the coming weeks...... but gees I hope I am wrong.

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