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4m Hornet Probs(cav Plate Height,ssteel Prop)

Rich P

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Hi all

Some might know i have a 4m custom hornet with a 40 merc on the back.

My problem is the boat does not seem to plane properly.There is still alot of spray coming from the bow. :(

I have already taken it back and they raised the motor to where it is now

cav plate is 1 inch above the keel line

And the cav plate is still 1 inch below the water while on the plane. :confusuion:

I have dropped the prop to a 11 pitch because the standard 12 only lets the motor rev to 4750rpm.

I was thinking of buying a SSteel prop because i have heard this will help it alot and also give me an extra 3 to 4 mile an hour.They also stated i could raise the motor another hole with the SSteel prop as it bites better than the alloy one Is this correct?? :confusuion:

I also do not want to put a permatrim on as i will lose top end.

The boat is alot heavier than a standard 4m because i have a 40ltr underfloor fuel tank and also a 60ltr livewell under the casting deck.

So does anyone have any ideas or answers?

And what are Solas props like?


Rich P

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Try doing a dry run with no water in the well...and Bugger all fuel! At least that may help you to narrow down the cause if it happens to be a weight problem!

Solas are supposed to be top notch! :thumbsup:

What you have heard about SS props grabbing better is right. Apparently they tend to have more ''cupping'' than an alloy prop of the same pitch, therefore bite better.

Are you getting the correct revs now? I thought the cav plate neede to be about an inch BELOW the hull! :confusuion:

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Do you have power trim???

If not, trade your motor on one that does.

Stainless props perform better for a couple of reasons. Alloy props flatten out at high revs due to water pressure. Stainless props have a more open hub, allowing exhaust gases to escape easier. A bit like putting extractors on ya 180B.

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Thanks for the replies fellas

Joe been there done that and when i first picked the boat up the cav plate was level with the keel.I was only getting 4000rpm and 40kmh.

Aussie my motor has electric trim and start.

Iceman My battery is at the back and depending on what dealer you talk to about hornet motor positions they all differ.

Ozy Solas told me that and on alot of the other forums where people have had the same prob and have put permatrims on they have lost topend also.It might work for me or it might not but i dont really want to put one on if i dont have to.


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Guest bluecod


I put an older style nylon trim plate on my 50 and lost top end, but I believe I would not lose as much if I replaced it with one on the newer versions.

A four blade Solas may help with any cavitation problems as they get a hell of a lot more grip, though I don''t know if they make a model that would suit - they''re not cheap though!

When I replaced my old Evinrude 40 with a Yammy 50, the boat [4.3 Quintrex]always wanted to bury the nose, probably due to decreased weight on the transom - problem fixed by trimming out on the electric tilt.

Even with the trim plate attached she''ll do about 35 mph flat out, and for me that''s plenty fast enough in a small boat.

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I agree with Joe here Rich. Do some experimenting with weight before you do anything else. If I carry an extra person & have them sitting in the bow of my Hornet when the front live well is full I get spray over the bow as well. I don''t carry extras now :D Problem cured :D

Stainless props are the go whether you have a problem or not. Better performance all round.

Trim plates are OK if you have a problem that can''t be fixed by redistributing weight. My opinion on them is if you don''t need em don''t use em. For a while they became almost trendy :thumbdown: The new ones work a lot better than the early ones & I think there is a loss of top end speed but set properly it is very little.

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I have tried the weight distribution.I have even taken out the motorguide and battery.But it still happens.

So another question would be How far can a motor be raised because im allready an inch above the keel line and i still cannot see the cav plater when moving.The cav plate is still an inch below the water level.


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