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Hawkesbury river


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Hey mate,

Ive been on a houseboat for the last 4 nights, managed to catch a lifetimes worth of yellowtail from the small bays, unfortunately I was unable to convert them to something bigger.

I did see 2 guys in a tinny pull up close to shore and catch a few decent sized bream, they were bearlying and working baits like madmen, so i guess if you know what your doing they are out there too.

Also alot of undersize tailor as well are in the bays.

Sorry i cant be much more help. :thumbup:

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I was drifting at Patonga yesterday, and caught a flathead with every drift.

5 in total, with the smallest being 32cms thrown back to grow just the smallest little bit.

I've stopped trying other spots in this waterway...too many pickers or nothing.

I used to catch large bream behind dangar island (north east). There's a massive drop off right in close, but the current can sometimes make it hard to burley up,

unless you can get the burley right down.

Good luck.


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