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South West Rocks


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Hi All,

Have just got back after 3 great days fishing at SWR. Met up with two long time mates, Sean and Jeff and got out amongst some great fish. Sean has the luxury of living at this great spot and was kind enough to take us out each day on his great boat. After catching up on Friday night with a few too many :beersmile: we braved our heads the next morning and got out over the bar. That certainly woke us up with a little fright on the way out but, all's well.

Day 1 started with a pretty bumpy run so we slowed up and dropped some skirted lures out. Jeff was on strike and only had 30 minutes to wait before a huge strike. We frantically clear the rods, Sean giving instructions and me on the wheel :biggrin2: . We are all looking out the back and :1yikes: up comes this great black marlin.

post-2792-057974600 1298963660_thumb.jpg

We are all :yahoo: and yelling and then suddenly we realise, What do we do when we get it near the boat :wacko: We have all seen it done but, never actually done it. Anyway with a great team effort we get him in, get the hook out and give him a swim along side. A few quick pics and he's tail wagging well and slips way.

post-2792-018483300 1298963638_thumb.jpg

Estimate about 7foot from tip to tail and about 90kg. It's hi5's all round. We keep going out wide to a FAD but nothing there so we hit another mark and jigg for kings. We got 5 to the boat. Only one keeper of 68cm that went in the esky. Keep trolling some bibbed lures and next thing a double hooup on two 9kg wahoo.

post-2792-084854200 1298963668_thumb.jpg

It was again :yahoo: as it was a first for any of us. We headed in for a clean up and a few more :beersmile:

Day 2: Get up and look outside :thumbdown: WIND and strong, from the NE. No going outside so we set off up stream for some lure action on the bass. They were a bit shy to start with but ended up with a few small ones and one nice 38cm fish.

post-2792-044496200 1298963682_thumb.jpg

Brought up a good size flatty but complacency at the boat resulted in him getting away, about 60cm.

Day 3; We got out again and went north for some bottom bouncing. A very slow morning and only a couple of undersized snapper so we head back and gather some live bait and slow troll off the Gaol. We work over to some other boats to find the Cobia are on. We drift some livies out. The razor gang swam through a few times but with no wire- no chance. I ended up with one nice Cobia about 8kg. post-2792-067256100 1298963695_thumb.jpg

Wind up again so we called it a day.

All up it was 3 great days with a few First and some PB's. Sean and Jeff you blokes are champions to fish with, Thanks for the great trip

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Hi Brian

Nice fish from another of my favorite locations. That bar crossing can be scarey at times.

But you do have the option of chasing fish in the esiuary and the bass upstream.

If in doubt I don't cross the bar now I wait for another day.

When the cobia are in on that jail ground I can't think of a more productive bit of water for them.

The spotted mackerael up off grassy are another of my favorites up there.

looks like it was a good 3 days.


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Great report Brian. Marlin, bass, cobia ... your trip had it all! :thumbup: Throw in a few ales with some great mates and you've got yourself a terrific couple of days on the water. Well done mate. Great photos too



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Well done Brian - and congrats on the Marlin!!! :1yikes: :1yikes: THe cobe & mackerel are great as well. Just back from a week of fishing there myself, with yak fishos - 2 guys landed 3 sailfish between them, plus mackerel & yellowfin tuna & mack tuna.

A great spot to fish, eh?



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