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Tomorrow Dusky and I start out on our big adventure driving to the Northern Territory to start our new jobs. Unfortunately its still the wet season, but once the dry starts it will be Barra fishing in our back yard. Plenty of muddies to be had as well. At this point we are taking about 7 rods with matched reels, three tackle boxes with a mixture of hard bodies, soft plastics and bits and pieces, and Rex is determined to get me to catch a fish on plastic (don't like his chances) Hopefully we will be able to have plenty of reports to post of our big adventure.

Feel free to call us up and drop in for a fish if ever you are in the neighbourhood.

Stay tuned, we will definately have photo's of the trip north.

PS. Anyone who has or knows how to use a GME TX 3600 UHF CB please pm as we are having trouble with our new one.


Cath and Rex

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Good luck to you guys on your new start in life.

For those of you that do not know Cath she has been a stalwart of this site for many years. She was a moderator and always helped me run fishraider socials and workshops. I am sure she wished you happy birthday over the years or sold you a hat at a social or registered you before fishing.

Cath has always been around and put her hand up when needed. Many thanks Cath. :thumbup:

I wish you good luck and hope to see you at some point again.


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Good luck on the next chapter in life Cath & Rex.

I'm sure it will be a great move for the both of you with plenty of adventures & fun to be had! :thumbup:

Please keep us informed on what's happening & Cath I hope your 1st fish on a plastic is a huge Barra! :biggrin2:

All the best to the both of you from us.



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Just a quick update on the big move. We are at the half way point, Alice Springs. 2800k's down, 2800k's to go. So far everything has been running smoothly. Thanks gang for all the kind words, and Donna, I would do it all again to help raiders in a heartbeat.

Well must away, many more miles to travel.

More updates soon.

Cath and Rex

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Hi All

Well the boat & 4x4 arrived in one piece :thumbup: , Cath & I are settling in to our new jobs.

We hope to be getting into some Barra when the dry season starts in 3-4 weeks :yahoo:

It's going to be tough going with the mangrove being all of 15 minutes away - & that includes hooking up the boat & getting into the water! :1prop:

We will get some pics up for you as soon as we get a little more organised.:tease:


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