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fishing botany bay


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Can anyone give me some good advise on where to fish in botany bay. I have taken the boat out a few times however I have had no luck. My guessis that it may have something to do with my fishing skills so any help would be greatly apprecieated.



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Hey robjob

You can start with the usual spots mate. There is Monuilex (kings & mixed bag) Point, Watts (kings & mixed bag) reef, Towra (bream,whiting flatties) Bare Island (mixed Bag)......... Just burley up where ever you are. I will leave the rest to you. If you dont know these locations, google it.

Cheers mate. I wish others answered my similar questions when i asked. Just because you may know a good spot, you still need the skill to catch them and it doesnt mean the fish are always on the bite.

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Actually heading out to Browns rock for a bit of relaxation tomorrow morning. I was there last week and ended up catching 1 Bonito and 1 Australian Salmon. The other guys there ended up catching 3 bonitos, 1 salmon and a kingie. The kingie did look a little small so i asked him what he thought, i got a quick response that he was sure it was legal...not :thumbdown: . where are the fisheries department when you need them.

Keep in mind i only started going there 2 months ago and it took 6 attempts before i got it right.

One thing i did learn is that every spot has its techniques for catching, first 6 attempts at this place was trial and error and watching how others where fishing but patience paid off.

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