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Doing the right thing

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My 'YAAAAAAYYY' for the day goes to Roberta. :yahoo:

She dunked a reel and I had it on my workbench from Forster inside 48 hours. Less than 4 hours later it had been completely stripped, cleaned, relubed and reassembled. It didn't even need new bearings.

As soon as Roberta dunked the reel she stopped using it immediately (continuing to use a reel that has been dunked, even just for the rest of the session, can emulsify the lubricants and magnify, or even do extra, damage). She sprayed inside and out thoroughly with Innox... it doesn't solve anything but does disperse a lot of the water an slow down any damage. Then she got it in the post to be serviced.

A lot of people I talk to who want advice on reels that have started to seize up or are having problems, tell me "yeah... it got dunked a few weeks ago but I thought it was ok". It's not... if you dunk your reel, do what Roberta did and get it serviced immediately.

Cheers, Slinky

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he he Many thanks, Tony - I got my reel back at the end of last week, but didn't take it out chasing the tailor on the weekend ..... I thought the 1lb braid may have been a wee bit under-gunned! 1yikes.gif

The reel feels really sweet, so pleased the prompt action prevented lasting damge ...... once I realised it had been dunked, I didn't even turn the handle once!! I've seen the inside of a reel that has been used 'post dunking', even if opened up later that day, the grease becomes like gluggy white sticky goo!! So, as Slinky says - DON'T KEEP USING A REEL THAT HAS BEEN DUNKED!!

I am HOPING not to do it again ....... time will tell!! wacko.gif



BTW, the sammy was the one that caught me the squid down at Pittwater!! biggrin2.gif

Edited by Roberta
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Hey matey,

Just wondering if you got any info on the Daiwa Saltist 6500H reel and the Daiwa Procaster 2500X.

Both need to have a major overhaul, and I dont know how to do this.

I pulled apart the procaster today while I was at work. Put it back together still the same.

I didnt wanna go to far and wreck it, rekon you can help me out mate?



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Interesting comments . I always tell my clients. No fish can brake any rod or reel . Only people damage or brake fishing tackle .

Roberta the reason why your reel got dunk, would be interesting to hear ? Just maybe its was for an good reason ?

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