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Mooloolaba Yellowfin


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a few have already seen the pics.

i was lucky enough to break my yellowfin PB(was only 15.6kg) on sunday with this awesome looking fish. i couldnt get over how fat it was for the length. we estimated it at 60-70kgs. the fish was tagged and released and swam off strongly.


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Guest Jocool

Awesome stuff! :thumbup: I always thought YFT fishing was a blood and gore excercise! Didn't realise they were a C&R proposition!

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Its is really good to see that you guys let that yellowfin go ,I hope that she?,will keep breeding for a few more years at least,I would imagine that that fish was a bit of a mile stone for you.

Just for curiousitys sake just wondering if you could give us all a few more details on what sort of gear and lure was used ,and how long it took etc .

Cheers Simon

Ps ,I saw the fish on the Marlin bar as well and I called it for 60+,those fins sticking out are a giveaway

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Once again mate .... niiiiiiiiiiiice fish! :yahoo:

Simon, jeffo pulled the fish last w.e. fishing in the Sunshine Coast GFC Heavy Tackle Tournie and hence the fish was caught on 37kg gear ..... subsequently the fight was relatively short (only 10 mins or less even, from memory). Probably lucky that they got her in before she went deep. Beautiful fish tho and good to see it returned to the big blue. :thumbup:

:beersmile: cheers to you Jeff (pretend it's a corona will ya) :1prop:


p.s. What did you actually catch it on? A lure? What kind? And where/which area where you fishing? :wacko:

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lure was a pakula-hawaiian slimy smokin joe on the long corner. we have only been running this lure for the past 4 or 5 trips, and so far EVERY fish has hit it first. we have had 5 or 6 blue marlin come up and eat it, then if they didnt hook up they grabbed another lure... a few trips ago we had a blue come up and billwhack it, so we grabbed the pitch bait to try to switch bait the fish off the lure, the lure was wound to the transom and the blue followed it all the way before engulfing it right at our feet.

herby- you have been reading well son :1clap: the fish was caught on 37kg chair gear and the fight was only 5-10 mins. he took a screaming run for a few hundred meters then stopped and surfed back down the decent swell with his top sickle out of the water...right to the boat. he gave the leader man a bit of a work out when he tried to dive at the boat. since it was a C&R effort im glad we got him quick before he burnt himself out doing deep cirlces.

over all i am stoked to have beaten my PB by around 50kgs and if i ever beat this fish i will die a very happy man!!

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