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Plenty of 90+ Kings


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I headed down to the south coast on sunday evening with my girlfriend and some of her family for a fish. Unfortunately the forecast indicated it would be wet and windy but I was not going to drive down that far and not wet a line!!!

We woke up to rain and a south-easterly breeze on monday morning. We packed a few extra raincoats and umbrellas and headed to the ramp. Live bait was a bit more difficult than usual but we managed some squid and slimies.

We then headed out to sea and were greeted by sloppy seas with passing showers. Had a look around at several reefs without much luck until we found some fish at a reef a couple of km out. The first fish took off hard and in no time we had a beautiful 95cm fish on deck.

post-6215-065705500 1303872259_thumb.jpg

We continued fishing and about 15 minutes later I had another hit and scored another fish right on 95cm.

post-6215-090113600 1303872273_thumb.jpg

We then continued fishing and things went quiet so we moved to another reef where we found more some more fish which went 87cm, 88cm and 92cm. I also got smashed on a big live bait but unfortunately busted off. Hit the ramp at 1:30pm for an afternoon in front of the fire.

The next morning it was not raining but it was considerably more windy. We picked up some livies and as i was seting up one of my downriggers i dropped a plastic fitting over the side. Initially i thought it may float but it was sinking. Faced with the possibility of no downrigger i went in after it with the following on: A shirt, jumper and spray jacket, shorts underneath long pants and shoes and socks! That was refreshing!!! Lucky i had a spare jumper and jacket in the boat i could change into. Nonetheless i felt it for the rest of the morning.

We headed out where we were greeted by 20knot winds and some very messy seas. We went back to one of the reefs that produced the day before and in no time hooked up. It was a beautiful fish at 96cm and extrememly fat and healthy.

post-6215-044225300 1303872284_thumb.jpg

My girlfriend didn't have much luck the day before and we only had downrigger so i quickly got her on to my outfit. It took about 20 minutes before our next fish but when she hooked up she did a great job of landing a nice fish that was nudging 90cm. Her new PB. So she was very happy!

post-6215-025702300 1303872239_thumb.jpg

We finished the morning with an 87cm fish and were back at the ramp at 9:30am as we had a long drive home plus there was not much more of those conditions we were happy to withstand.

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Well done Andrew, there sure are some beaut looking Kings in your pics,

that last one your holding is even better :1yikes:

And well done to your misses on a great pb King as well :thumbup:


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Maaaaate nice Fish,

Goes to show ya. Bad weather good fishing :thumbup: Well done getting out there. Just a heads up on your type of gear? You seem to do consistantly well. I'm upgrading so just feeling out what others are happy with for hoody kings.



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I am using the following outfit for kings:

- 50lb braid

- 80lb leader

- Daiwa Saltist 40H reel

- Saltiga 60b rod. I used to use a $50 ugly stick before and had no troubles but the new rod is heaps better for jigging

- 7/0 or 9/0 livebaiting hooks

The boat is a 450 topender. It handled great in the adverse conditions. Plenty of freeboard and very stable.

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