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Easiest style of fishing in the US


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The last thing we wan't, or they wan't, is to have them! They are a result of escaped fish from fish farms that have now descimated the native species through out breeding the native fish in the river systems that are tributaries of the Great Lakes System (the Mississippi was the starting point). The septics are desperately trying to eradicate them using electical barriers and poisoning, before they hit the Great Lakes System and wipe out all the native species. They are listed under the injurious wildlife act and are worse than the carp in Australia as they are also responsible for injuries to any one in a boat or towed behind a boat. The only benefit is they have eradicated water skiing in the systems they inhabit. Also not to keen to be in a Yak and have a 20kg fish clobber your head from behind.

I saw the documentary for them, quite interesting.

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