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crabs for bait


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My Dad used to fish with a guy (Bob) back in the 50's who was as tough as nails.

They would fish the ledges around Currarong & Bob would collect crabs from the rock creverses by placing both hands in , the crabs would latch on to his fingers & presto , instant bait.

For me I was never that brave & used a small hook with some bait , the crab would grab the bait & if you were quick enough lift them up & into a bucket.

With a bit of practice , some patients & the knack of knowing when to lift , we had quite good sucess with this method


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I saw a bloke down the coast years ago using what looked like an aluminium pole with a "nail" or spike on the end of it. He was getting heaps of crabs. The pole would have been about 1.5 meters long. It could have been a straightened gaff maybe?

He then put a crab out floating a couple of meters under a balloon. He told me he'd caught some good snapper doing that, especially after a big swell.



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as peter said a crab spear is the go i used a smaller version made from a wire coathanger you need to flaten the end then sharpen so there a barb on each side like a whale harpoon

spear the crab then twist 90 degrees then pull it from under the ledge or whatever if you do'nt twist 90 degrees it will just pull out

only take a few because if you need more there not going any were

one more tip is cut the crab in half and remove the two legs that are futhest apart your hook goes in one hole and out the uther use a half hitch on a remaining leg to keep your hook in place

black crabs rigged like this are a killer bait for stud bream and red crabs are the top bait for groper

cheers and goood luck gary

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Hi Guys,

I have some simple way of catching crabs for baits. Go to a rocky beach at low tide after dark. Use a bright torch and search for crabs. Once you find one, put it under spot light. The crab will feel dizzy and you will have about half a minute to catch it by hand. I can easily catch a few in one evening and get ready for fishing on the next day.

However, you must be very careful to keep them alive for one night.

The rocks near the rock pool at Avalon beach is a good spot.

Hope it helps.


Red Morwong

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Hi guys,

I thought it was not legal to spear rock crabs and that you are only allowed to collect them by hands. May be I'm wrong, I would like to get some clarification on this.



To the letter of the law it isn't legal as it is not mentioned in the permissable methods in the DPI rules and regs.


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