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persistance pays off


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hey raiders, thought i would put a few pics up of me and my girlfriends latest fishing adventures.

we have been out every weekend for the past 6 weeks and battled huge seas and bloody rain....

had been fairly quiet and unrewarding until last weekend. we managed 5 kingfish and one really nice salmon

not to mention probably 20 small snapper, rock cod, wirrah and we think it was a flowery cod, and a few bream, leatheries and a red morwong.

anywayz thought i would share a few pics... this was my girlfriends first kingfish so she was stoked - so stoked she caught 5 to my 0...

we dont eat fish at all so everything was released...

post-15882-050792800 1308969389_thumb.jpg

post-15882-011083200 1308969401_thumb.jpg

post-15882-069867200 1308969412_thumb.jpg

post-15882-075927900 1308969421_thumb.jpg

post-15882-086528100 1308969430_thumb.jpg

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