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Kangaroo Valley Fresh Water


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Hey folks.. im going to my farm this next weekend and

we are going fishing in the river or dam .... what do we use to catch the

fresh water fish.... never done it before.... alot of help needed.. :wacko:

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G'day dart,

I have never fished the dams but when i owned a restaurant in the valley i fished a few of the tiny feeder creeks for some astounding sized bass. up to 50cm at times. We had most success on hard body's in green and brown colouring.

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I lived for 6 months in the kangaroo valley in 2002 and in all the time I spent fishing therte I only caught one single bass, I caught it with earthworm on a hook below a float. But youd probably do better with lures. There are also big carp in some places

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