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PB Kingfish


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Hi All

Caught a fish of a lifetime today, wanted to share the experience.

Started out after lunch, tide change due 5 PM , moon phase ok, winds stronger than we like from the west, but still fishable. Struggled to get squid in our usual locations, but managed 2 decent specimens. Light fading we give up on the bait and make course to our favorite spot.

Powering towards our marks we sound out some nice fish. Drop the first squid down on the rigger, 3 mins later bang strike rod buckles, reel starts to peel off the Saragossa, then nothing missed the hooks damn.

Reset pull the rigger up, load our last reaming squid. Drop it down and start trolling slowly over our marks.

20 mins past some great fish on the sounder, next minute the Saragossa is screaming, motor off to deeper water, short pumping the rod to turn the fishes head. Called it for a mako until the head shakes tell us otherwise.

This is what We are here for :)

15 mins later after a blistering mid fight run, I start to get some line back and get our first sight of colour, yellow tail kingfish. He looks like a decent length so we ready the gaff, gets closer and I am amazed at the girth of this fish. Massive shoulders, huge paddle tail, massive mouth that would take any size squid we could throw at it.

Finally surfaces and I have the jitters, this is no rat king, gaff man has first shot and misses, circle the fish again second shot pins it in the jaw. We are pumped and rip the fish on the deck. This thing is fat, massive in the shoulders and long. Screaming at each other, high fiving like we just won the lottery, it finally sets in we have got a 35 + KG fish in the boat. We are on cloud 9 and head back to the ramp keen to weigh it, it tips the scales 42.250 Kg and 146 cm to the fork, most of the town are admiring our prize catch whilst it is on the scales.

Awesome fish, awesome day and a personal best. Pics to come







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