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Sydney Sunday


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Gday all, sorry for a late report due to unforseen factors couldnt post this last night. Anyways found it rather strange that hardly any boats were around on the harbour on Sun morning so headed past the heads wind was light almost no swell .5m at the most. Water temps stayed constant at 17.8 all day we fished mainly in the 70s but came in a little once the wind had picked up. The fishing was awesome, havn't seen so many flatties for years. All in roe, all over 45 and under 70 and not a little one to be seen, all fat and healthy. Ended up catching just over 70 between us and 6 kept for a feed. Left them on the chew once the wind picked up after 10am. Havnt had a day with constant flatties and nothing else for a long time.

Moved into the 60s and all we could come up with was mowies some good size amongst them in the 50cm plus range and nannygai all throwbacks. A few pigfish turned up and a nice latchet. All up a good day with bugger all current, the wind was stronger! Water seems to be a bit warmer on the bottom with our sinkers coming up warm. Thats about it.

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Thanks guys just about to cook my other flattie ha ha :thumbup: . Yes a remarkable day and thank christ no Jackets or Toads which we have been plagued with in the last few weeks especially the toads. Actually thought we may have come across them but blessed we didnt! Yes Josamil in meters, inside port limit 3nm. Basically straight off Nth Head. Wahoo they were on fire wernt they :biggrin2: Found the bite very strong for them, last coupla weeks they have been a bit tentative on the chew, but smashed everything put down.

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