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Rock Fishing - slow session ends with bang


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G'day fishos,

Had short evening session for pigs last wednesday at a rock ledge near the heads of Botany Bay. The fishing was dead quiet with a few tiddlers being caught.

As the sun started to set, a school of trevally came to our burley trail which provided some nice entertainment.

On my final cast, my float started to wobble mid drift and then it zipped through the depths in a blink of an eye. Once I struck, I could barely get the rod up higher than my waist as the fish bulldozed its way towards the reef. I managed to get my rod up finally and the fish continued its powerful dives. Decided to go the extreme option of pulling the rod back beyond 90 degrees to turn its head before it busts me off in a cunjevoi covered rock and we were at a stale mate. At that point my rod was probably bending right through to the reel seat and down to the lower butt I managed to break the stale mate and turn its head around.

Finally I see my float out of the water for the first time and I knew I had almost won the fight. Seeing it was a Silver Drummer was slightly disappointed wasn't a pig but still they pull bloody hard and last a lot longer than the Black Drummer as even after I had the fish up to the surface it didn't give up and took another 4-5 runs under my feet.

My mate netted the fish for me and it was a beast of a Silver Drummer measuring at 62cm and later weighted at the fishing club at 4.11kg. Caught on 14lb line and we managed to get some footage of the fight which was satisfying as catching a 60cm Drummer on camera hasn't been done before.







Decided to put this picture up too, my mate Tony with a 63cm Pig caught on 12lb line 7 years ago. The amount of technique required to land a pig of this size on 12lb gear is incredible.



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That is just bloody incredible. I'm definitely having a go this weekend.

The swell for Friday and Saturday is looking good but Sunday starting to look a little dangerous again so watch out.

We were planning to go to another rock ledge this morning but had something important come up in the morning so we've decided to just go for a night session for Bream & Trevally tonight. Will update on how the session goes and hopefully have a nice report to post tonight.


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Did you eat it?

I personally don't eat Silver Drummer but I gave it away to my Islander mate, those guys will eat anything.

I strongly support catch and release and only take home what I eat on the same day, not a fan of keeping fish in the freezer.


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t. Which was satisfying as catching a 60cm+ Drummer on camera hasn't been done yet before in Australia

Your not serious?

5kg Silver and Black pigs are caught more than you expect

Have you heard of the legend Alex Belissimo? Watch one of his videos and you will see 5kg plus silver Pigs

Good catch thought mate, but huge comment about it hasn't been done before

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Good point , I stand corrected. There has already been big drummer caught on camera, with everything being online these days I must have only been thinking of youtube at the time of writing this.

Although, this is a different style of fishing and on lighter gear than the Bellissimo videos if i remember correctly.

60cm Drummer back in those days were still a prized fish and with most of the rock ledges being overfished these days, catching one on camera is a something I've wanted to do for a while.

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