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The breeze was blowing and there was an icy chill in the air. My Brother and I arrived at Newport, at 3pm on a rising tide. I said in my last report that I was yet to catch a big Flathead. I also predicted I would land one before the Summer was over. Little did I know it would happen this soon. In the space of 3 days I have caught a pb Bream (38cm) and now a pb Flathead. It's almost like inception, fantasy, the stuff dreams are made of and it would be hard to find a better Hollywood script to promote the insanely good fishing we experienced today. My brother kicked things off when he landed a 62cm Flathead, a massive pb for him. We let her go to breed more babies, and because it seemed like the right thing to do. A quick pic then back in the drink. Not to be outdone I hauled in a colossal 71cm specimen, a new pb for myself. Cheering! Back in the blue she went. Towards dusk I landed a 45cm Jewie which I kept. My brother landed 2 Tailor, one 36cm and the the other 43cm. He also lost a massive Salmon that would have capped off a stellar day. We did get snagged abit due to the wind but the excellent fishing numbed the frustration. We also hooked two greedy sea-gulls (inadvertantly) that couldn't say no to the pillies we tossed out. The sea-gulls were released unharmed. Once again it was the 2/0 gang hooks that did the trick. Will be out again next weekend for more radical fishing adventures.

post-16627-091872100 1351856788_thumb.jpg

post-16627-040168300 1351856813_thumb.jpg

post-16627-031923900 1351856912_thumb.jpg

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Nice catch but what is the value in keeping a 45cm jewie? Just a baby and would taste worse than any salmon or sludge hugging catfish,

Good you released the flatties,

I've got a mate who says if you skin them they taste fine. I may have been over excited in keeping it, but I havn't caught too many Jewies. I havn't eaten many neither so if it tastes foul even after it's skinned it will be a lesson learned.

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<br />And how did it taste out of curiosity?<br />ive eaten one about that size before caught on the beach and it was quite alright.<br />
<br /><br /><br />

It was decent, I skinned it, cut it into strips, coated it in flour, then shallow fried it with olive oil, sweet chilli sauce, ginger & garlic and soy sauce. It turned out pretty good.

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