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Sydney Harbour


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Hit the harbour early this morning, heading out from Rose Bay.

The plan was to collect bait first, so over towards middle head and balmoral. Managed only 2 squid, dropped another 2 and lost a squid jig, so we though that was enough. Then the plan was put on hold, there were fish on the surface everywhere with birds working all over the place.

At first the fish were very finicky, with not many boats around us hooking up either. But after switching to tiny metals and soft plastics we were on. The schools of fish were mostly made up of Bonnies from what we could see with sambos and tailor mixed in. After a few hours of chasing these schools around the tally was 1 salmon, 1 tailor, and about 6 or so bonnies with the biggest going 62cm. Great fun on light spinning gear.


We finally decided to leave the schools of fish as they weren't as active, headed back over towards clifton gardens and worked our way around back to south head stopping at markers along the way to drop squid down for some kings. Didnt get any hits, and the squid eventually got picked apart.

A quick trek back to balmoral area for another couple bonnies, then decided to call it quits.

Back over at Rose bay there were schools of fish around too, but couldnt get them to take any lures.

Hard work today but rewarding in the end, plus sashimi and bonito steaks for dinner. Just need to find those kings now...

Cheers, Baz.

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Well done on the hook ups mate. good fun whey bite a fast moving metal lure. Ive had the same issue with pickers every time i went out this summer . Spend hours gathering squid in the morning only to feed those pesky little buggers. If you dont mind letting us know, what type / size of lures did you have most success with?

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Thanks guys. definitely great fun on light gear, we were fishing 4 and 6lb.

That big bonito took the lure about 1m away from the boat, was amazing to see. He smashed it, then just stopped there for about a second with mouth wide open until he realised what was going off then sent the reel screaming as he took off again.

Tonez, I hear you about the squid. I think the next time i head out i may switch back to the humble yakka and see how i go. The fish were taking essentially any small lure, we got them on 2inch powerbait minnows and 7gram metals. Not sure what brand of metal i was using. I also changed the trebble for a single lure hook, i find this helps get the fish to have a hit but also increases chances of not hooking the fish...

Rag3, yep we were the ones who came past to drop off some fish to a mate of mine. Not sure if you noticed, but as we were motoring away fish were busting up about 30m from the pier around on the beach side. Hope you got stuck into a few fish.

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