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Hoodie of the rocks


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@ ginko you can put a sinker under the float above the swivel then attach leader below if necessary but i find it hard to cast and it makes the livey tire faster and it dies eventually.

For south curl with a moderate high tide i usually use 3 meters of leader under the swivel with the float running free between swivel and the hook. Pin the livey as close to the head as possible (without hitting bone) this makes them want to dive more. done this way the yakka will usually last the whole day if you don't fuss with it too much. Remember kingfish hit on the surface as well so anywhere from 0-3m is fair game!

With the wind/wash thats just part of a learning curve and how you decide which spots to go to depending on the conditions.. using a smaller profile float ( like a 5cm ish torpedo float ) helps or moving more to another spot and trying a different wash. I also bring the baitrunner which is a spin reel and can be casted if the wash is not cooperating.

Went south whale rocks this morning.... the wash was horrible as the swell was too low....

beautiful day again but no fish this time...... thats fishing for you!

just wondering what overhead you have pictured in the photo its a star drag of some sort just wondering

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