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Hoodie of the rocks


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Swell was looking nice today at <3ft easterly with high tide around 11am so we decided to make the LONG trek to north palmy to a ledge thats good for these conditions......

caught our yakka's at the local wharf but no squid today :(

shoulders burning we made the walk in darkness....i drew the short straw again and was carrying one of the buckets...

rigged up before first light and had the first livey out just as the sun broke.

30 mins later the big rod did the damage with the reel screaming and the line running out to the horizon. the first run was pretty short and we managed to get a look at a massive king under the float... he must have seen us as well because he ripped out again for one more long run before the fish turned and we brought him in for the gaff shot!

1st fish landed just as the sun rose..... then it was pretty quiet until around 9 where we saw a school of rat kings come up at our burley....mate hooked up one on an unweighted pilly but it spat the hook as we were landing it :( around the high 60's prob...

managed to spin up a mac tuna i think on a 25g metal...i think it must be my 2nd ever. Are they rare in sydney?

got a few sambos and a bonito over the next few hours via popper/metal/hardbody...sent one out live but no interest.

11am and almost packup time when one of the light livey rods goes off and my mate lands a 66cm kingy on the last yakka!

we saw surface action with something hitting the surface/baitfish with a massive forked tail splashing out of the water unfortunately didn't hit the livey which was floating 2 meters to the right :ranting2:.... not idea what it was but it was big and had no interest in the many things we threw out at it (and not a dolphin)

Overall a great day of fishing out on the water!! got to test out my new Samsung note II and the photos came out amazing!

Big Kingy went 117cm and 13.7kg gutted! he was pretty skinny!

caught on Tld 50 running 80lb mono with 100lb leader. With a tiny popsicle sized yakka about 4ish meters below the float!

Definitely a good burn on the walk back!






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What an effort! congrats, ive been trying for a legal king this year with metals and fresh caught squid strips, but biggest ive had was 58. i have issues trying to find an area close to my spot to get livies! how deep under the float to you sit your livey and what did you burley up with?

cheers gilbey

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yea liveys are sometimes a prob....so we make the effort to hit a wharf then carry them in rather than risk a session without any liveys...we usually fish the northern beaches so if we are up palm beach way usually palmy wharf or if more towards manly either church point or manly ferry wharf. just use google maps and look for a ferry wharf around the spot.... as long as it has a light it usually has yakkas.

livey under float unweighted or lightly weighted depending on the swell/tide/spot anywhere from 2-5 meters. burley is usually bread from my local bakery ....3$ for a garbo bag full of day old bread and mashed/cut up pillies with a dash of tuna oil....soak in abit of water then drain off the excess then add the pillies/tuna oil... about a hand full chucked in every 5-10 mins.. it also helps burley up any baitfish if they are there.

Alot of the fish we catch are full of the berley so it must work !

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Nice one! doesn't look to skinny to me! hehehe

great effort off the rocks mate, do you cast the yakka out? if so, how do you keep the hook from pulling off?

drift it out in the wash....the overhead reel cant really cast so u need to find a nice wash to get bait out. we usually have 2 baitrunners for the smaller liveys which u can cast just very gently..... i cast off 1-2 yakkas each trip when i lose patience with the drift.....very painfull when u have carried them in =.=

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When you're drifting the livies out in the wash under a float, how much leader do you have there, and do you put any sinker just above the hook(s)? I tried a livie under a float at South Curlie this week, but the current kept taking the livie up to the very surface of the water. (it was pretty windy, and the wind and the wash were going in opposite directions, so the wind was pulling the livie back into the current of the wash ). The livies survived ok up on the surface, but it seemed that being on the surface attracted way more birds than fish... (I had a cormorant, a gull and a tern each attack the livie, but no kingies).

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@ ginko you can put a sinker under the float above the swivel then attach leader below if necessary but i find it hard to cast and it makes the livey tire faster and it dies eventually.

For south curl with a moderate high tide i usually use 3 meters of leader under the swivel with the float running free between swivel and the hook. Pin the livey as close to the head as possible (without hitting bone) this makes them want to dive more. done this way the yakka will usually last the whole day if you don't fuss with it too much. Remember kingfish hit on the surface as well so anywhere from 0-3m is fair game!

With the wind/wash thats just part of a learning curve and how you decide which spots to go to depending on the conditions.. using a smaller profile float ( like a 5cm ish torpedo float ) helps or moving more to another spot and trying a different wash. I also bring the baitrunner which is a spin reel and can be casted if the wash is not cooperating.

Went south whale rocks this morning.... the wash was horrible as the swell was too low....

beautiful day again but no fish this time...... thats fishing for you!


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